Fallout - Vault 53

Session 12

Adventure Log Xp 1500

MVP: Reward Split Vote

Katherine seems more experianced

Karmic Perk: NUKA Fanatic (everybody loves nuka cola!),
When you sre under the effects of Nuka cola you gain twice the AP bonus.


1000 xp


The bastards left me.

The mercs ambushed me and my men… my boys, my friends. Old henry got gunned down first, then wallice. I told the boys to run the mercs wanted me. Mike was the only one that was able run, but they gunned him down too. I called out the merc boss and we had it out with a big fist fight, well kinda. Mostly I got my ass kicked and that boss stuck his knife into my major organs alphabetically. they strung me up on a twisted old tree and left there for the buzzerd as they left to fetch the bramen that ran off during the firefight.

I danced on the edge of life and death for hours, and I saw a white light…like a tunnel coming for me and i thought “Well Sam this was one situation that you can’t talk your way out of”. Some rugged bushy beard guy smelling like old sweat came out of some junker truck and pulled me off the tree seeing i was alive he tossed me into the back and drove off. my great saver was not jesus on his cross or an angel it was a sweaty old trucker.

He kept me in the back with not but a bucket some food and basic medical help we talked a lot he kept asking me my story over and over and i told him over and over… i regaled him with tales of my sorted passed all he seemed to want to hear about was my time “serving” the Raider queen at least thats what i was told to call her.

It took a few days but i earned his trust and i was healthier he let me in to the front. Wayne told me about his home more then showed me we only stayed long enough for him to get extra fuel to make it to great fall.

I had a mild panic attack. the mercs focused on me… So it was one of two things, first and most likely they were rustlers for one of the other cattle barons that means i lost a hell of a lot of good meat to my bosses worst enemy going back was not an option… or 2 less likely but even more troublesome the boss found out I was sleeping with his wife and he was not a nice man and did not forgive anyone messing with his property.

I always had a silver tongue and convinced Wayne how dull it was there and both planned to go west and see what we could find. As we drove Wayne managed to get us stuck and a bunch of nuka cola tweekers jump out of the buildings to attack before i could even start talking to the tweekers to find a peaceful way out of this mess wayne opened fire and shot up one of the tweekers.

we got into a fight we could not win but some unexpected help showed up some strangers from the west showed up bearing arms and shot down the cola addicts. After the fight the people of the west told the we in the truck that the west held nothing but a tribe of savages.

We return to the volvo. At first it was hard for me to engage this strangers They were from one of the vault looking for missing friends and found out they also had ties to the brotherhood. It was both daunting and exciting…. that big slice of the nuka pie was now right before him.

Session 12

That was David’s Adventure log, he had problems doing proper formating

Session 12

Pipboy Entry 061313


So after a few days rest in the vault, we packed up and headed back for Conroy. The trip was mostly uneventful, we foraged food for each day just fine – we’re getting good at this living in the wildnerness stuff. Katherine and Margaret seemed to be getting better at it too.

We arrive back at what’s left of Conroy and only find two people left. The mayor’s widow and a boy with her. She has dreams of rebuilding Conroy, so I tell her that the McFarlanes ranch is still a days journey away so that there is still SOMETHING else left of the town a short distance away. She tells us that our friend Danielle went with Pike to Volvo, and that Pike left us a note which had some directions to some mountains and an area called flathead for us to visit on the way to Volvo.

Trusting in Pike, we head out towards flathead, but not before stopping back at the MacFarlane ranch which was more or less on the way. The MacFarlane’s agree to slaughter a brahmin to feed us for our journey, especially since their daughter is still travelling with us. So we stay there a couple of days and Margaret spends some time with her family again before heading out to Volvo.

The trip to Flathead from there took a few days, and one night in the middle of the night we were approached by this … creature… while I was on watch. I heard it before I could see it, and woke up Anne because her watch was coming up next. When it came into view… it was unlike anything I’ve seen so far, it looked like a radiated and mutated form of… something. Having learned in the waste to generally shoot first and ask questions later when it comes to mutated beings like this, I yelled to wake up the others and unloaded some rounds from my pistol at it. Frustratingly, the pistol shots seemed to do almost nothing… they should have tore into that guy but he barely noticed. The others woke and tried shooting at it as well, but after we all tried a couple of times with almost no success, we decided it was simply too strong for us and made a run for it.

Fortunately, the rest of the trip to Flathead was uneventful. We arrived not knowing what to expect, but Flathead was an interesting village of tribals. And these tribals even spoke with us, unlike the last bunch we saw migrating or whatever. We approached and explained we were heading to Volvo following our friend Pike and they were receptive to that — Pike had told them we were coming. They said we should see the oracle… but we had to pass some test first. Some whispers and words were exchanged by a couple of the tribals, and we were told to change our gear out at a rack and face one of the tribals in a pit in a 4 on 1 match. This seemed a bit unfair for the 1 I thought, but then again none of us are great at fighting with primitive weapons… just the guns we’re used to. But we ended up knocking the guy out anyway… some people were fighting mighty dirty in there, going for shots to the head, eyes, and groin… I’m glad I made it out without any new scars.

So we saw the oracle next. She had some mix of plants and herbs that I’d seen in the wild and she told us to eat it in order to have a vision. None of them were poisonous so I didn’t think it would kill us…. I asked Margaret to keep a watch over us while we did this just in case. I ate some of the mixture and, from what others told me, immediately passed out. Apparently this was some important vision that Ray had and told me about later, but I missed it and dreamed of elephants with balloons.

We didn’t know what to make of the vision really, but it was supposed to have something to do with our future and Ray told us about it. Towns springing up in the waste and thriving, and a blackness covering them. Two factions, we had to choose one, but could not choose one in the vision. A large eagle swooping down and attacking a knight in shining armor. That’s about all I remember from their explanation anyway.

So, then, back to the journey to Volvo. Next we come across a couple of guys that we eventually get to know as Wayne and Sam. They were driving a truck — a real, working vehicle! — Pike did say that Volvo had those… Anyway they seemed to have gotten it stuck and as we were approaching, they got attacked by some crazed group of folks… I guess there are types of raiders everywhere, they really seemed to want that truck or whatever was inside it. I approached, not really knowing which side to take and I even considered waiting it out and killing whoever survived so we could salvage everything from both sides of the battle… Ray seemed to think we should defend the truck and that it might have something to do with his vision. I wasn’t too sure…. but then one of the attackers shot at me, and the decision was made. We fought off the attackers, but not before they blew a hole in the truck… I salvaged their gear after they were down while the others introduced themselves. Apparently our help bought us a ride to Volvo in the fancy truck.

The truck ride went very quickly, more quickly that I’m used to travelling. We arrived and saw this small-ish town, but it was well defended. Walls all around with guards, not to mention the area of land mines just outside… Fortunately Wayne and sam knew these people and spoke with the guards. We had to surrender our guns while we were in the town, but they were sure we would get them back when we left… Trusting these newcomers weren’t just scamming our guns away from us, we entered the town and went looking for Pike. At least we thought we can trust Pike…

We found Pike setting up a shop still, and it looked great. Danielle was with him as well, and he had apparently made a robot out of the armor we had sold him… or maybe just dressed a robot in it… the imitation power armor for the brotherhood as it was… We had Pike repair some of our goods and spoke with him for quite a while about the brotherhood, the factions in the area, the surrounding towns… and Ray’s vision. Ray seemed to connect the eagle in the vision to a medallion we had found when fighting the raiders. Pike took a look and said the eagle wasn’t familiar, but it looked like it was partially melted due to plasma fire. And the only people he knew with plasma weapons were the brotherhood. Wayne and Sam were still following us around… Wayne was cool and had a truck so I sure didn’t mind that. Sam was a big talker and maybe a bit of competition with the ladies if he says the right things. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of talking when shooting seems to be what matters out here, but he was able to negotiate some better prices at Pike’s and the other vendors around town. And he even gave us 900 caps. I guess he really wants some friends… so we’ll let them both follow us for now. Can we really trust them? I’m not sure… but we did fight on the same side of a battle so at least we have that foundation to start from…

Next, we asked around town (Mostly Sam eager to talk for us, he sure does like to talk), and indeed heard more about these two factions. And rumors that the brotherhood might be in a war with them as well… We also heard about a town to the east towards where our other friends are that had apparently come down with some plague or sickness and wasn’t heard from again. Spooky.

We went back to Pike and asked him about the brotherhood being at war, and he said that if they were, he thought he would know about it. So maybe they aren’t. But he did tell us where we could find some more brotherhood people, and let us know that it should be relatively safe to go talk to them. They may not welcome us in, but they would talk before shooting which is more than you can say about some people. Maybe we’ll head there next…

Session 12

After resting up in the Vault, we headed back to Conroy without our good friend Tom/Tammie. On our way, we were woken up by a mutated monstrosity that was nearly impervious to our guns, and we were forced to run away. We got back to town to find that Pike had already gone, but left us a note with a map to get to Volvo. With a quick stop at the MacFarlane’s for supplies, we headed to the Flat Head tribe and a route through their caves.

We got there and a big tribal named Python told us Pike wanted us to meet their Oracle, but their chieftain insisted we beat him in the pits first. Python insisted we all take him on, and working as a team, we took him down in about a minute. With Stone Hawk defeated, we went to see the Oracle, Selinia.

Selinia said she had been dreaming that we would show up, and said she had an herbal preparation for us. We agreed to join her ceremony, and Steve promptly passed out. I had the strangest vision. I could see the wastes, and towns were springing up and the people where prosperous. Then a black eagle began to swoop over the desert bringing dark shadows. When all looked to be lost, a shiny Knight arose from the sands to fight the eagle. It looked like the Knight might lose, and I felt like I could make a difference by joining one side or the other, but I couldn’t hold the scene together and I woke up.

The next day we continued our journey, and went down through the caves and headed toward Volvo. On the way, we came across a rusted out truck driving down the highway, but it got stuck on some debris. We closed in and a pack of crazed addicts began attacking the truck. Seeing that they needed help, we joined in and killed the attackers. Sam and Wayne were the fellas in the truck, and they offered to give us a lift to Volvo.

They seemed like decent guys, and offered to show us around. We went straight to find Pike, and see if Danielle was okay. We spent the next few days helping Pike set up his store, and exploring the town. We found out that there seem to be a couple of factions fighting a war out in the waste, and the Brotherhood of Steel may be involved.

Pike told us that there is a fort near by that is home to some of the Brotherhood, and we could go there to talk to them. This may be our next destination.

Session 12

What a fucking week… First of all, my stupid dad blew up our garage… always told that dumbass he should quit smoking when he’s working with energy cells, but no, he blew himself and my mother up… Lucky for me, i was out of the garage, taking a nice ride around town in the death trap.

To anyone who may be reading this, it may not seem like i’m too depressed about it but… well, i don’t know how life is in your time, but in mine, people die everyday, my parents actually lived a long life compared to most people in the wastes.

Anyways, i took these sad events as an opportunity, i always wanted to travel the wastes, that’s possibly why i was fascinated with cars, the best way to go around the world. So that’s what i did, got on the death trap (oh that’s the name of my truck by the way) and went on my way south.

Not too long after i left, i quicky witnessed what i’d always been hearing about the wasteland. I seemed to have come across some battlefield of some sorts, a few dead bodies and one guy that seemed somewhat alive. Now, i’m not what i’d call an angel, but i ain’t about to let a man die on the side of the road. So i did what any reasonable man would do, i locked him up in the back of my truck, patched him up as well as i possibly could, left him a bucket and a bit of food.

For the next few days i’d keep going back there to feed him, take care of his wounds and question him, didn’t know if he was a good guy or a bad guy in that fight, turns out his story seemed consistent throughout the days, he rambled a lot but it was something about his boss wanting him killed or something. I let him join up with me, could always use the company.

Sam convinced me not to go south so i doubled back and decided to explore to the west, that town called Conroy is that way i hear.

While we were on our way there, my masterful driving took us straight into a very controlled crash with a barrier. It would have been no problem had it not, very conveniently, been in the middle of tweeker town, some weirdos over there seemed addicted to nuka-cola, sad for me, my truck is an old nuka truck… so yeah, they kinda rushed towards us. Sam quickly got out to get these guys whilst i tried to stay in the death trap as much as i could, popped a guy clean from the comfort of my seat, sadly i had no sight on any of the others so i had to get out. Although it may have been a blessing because one of them took out some weird device, threw it at my truck and blew a massive chunk out of the back… that fucker had to pay.

Now, i’m confident in my ability to shoot stuff, but we were pretty outnumbered, great for us though, some random strangers. just stumbled in and started shooting the druggies, they didn’t seem too worried that i would confuse them with the druggies. Good for them, they didn’t look like savage wildlings.

Anyways, after a bit we dispatched of the crazies. We got to talk a bit to the new guys. Well, Sam did most of the talking, i mostly tried to find spare parts to fix my truck, one of them called Anne i think seemed to appreciate my car, she even fixed it up a little i think… I let her ride up front with me, thinking she’d be less talkative than Sam. She wasn’t, but at least we discussed machinery and more interesting things.

They guys wanted to get to Volvo, so back home i headed so soon, they promised payment though so it was worth it. Once we got there, they just headed to some new store that opened after i left it seems, some guy named Pike, they talked about a lot of stuff and Sam decided to hand out a bunch of his money to these guys for some reason.

I think they forgot they’re supposed to pay me…

Session 12
Taloswind Taloswind

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