Fallout - Vault 53

Session 13

Adventure Log: 1500 xp


Karmic Perk

Road Rage:
+10 dmg while shooting from a vehicle? wtf? why so serious?


3000 xp

Hard choices!!


I woke up early, I’m use to that it gives me a few minutes to gain whatever advantage could get.

Down at the local tavern in valvo I gathered some more information on the “plague” town, the brewing war and the brotherhood, I didn’t get much more info but what I did get I passed on, I guess I’m starting to like this little sheltered kids from the vault.

Off we went in the death trap… the truck is starting to make me feel itchy I guess the name is getting to me and it’s stuffy in the back, Wayne always wants one of the girls up front with him, but the trip to Fort Pitt was uneventful and we meet the brotherhood. The guards at the gate where far less hostile than I expected and we even managed to gain a meeting with the brotherhood’s leader an Elder with a strange mechanical eye. he didn’t trust us and someone (wayne) said out right we knew pike and may have gotten are information from him.

To gain the trust of the brotherhood, we were asked to gain at least one of 3 towns support of the brotherhood and seeing as great falls and my self have a sorted passed we returned to valvo and after the party made a passionate speech we manage to swing Valvo to support the brotherhood 3 votes to two, however wilson seems rather upset by this. That i think is something to look into.

Returning to the Brotherhood awarded us with their trust and..little..plastic…cards I guess the brotherhood doesn’t drink enough nuka cola to use caps for money. The brotherhood a lot fantastic gear but we decided to save up for something bigger and better. The meeting with the ender we decided that the best thing to do was to secure the loyalty of the two other towns starting with great falls…..great.

I confessed pretty much that I let my charismatic nature get me in trouble by well lets just say i dipped my pen in the company well and it did not go over well for me….at least after the dipping not dering. THe party offered to go one with out me to great falls but i refused to be a burden and we plotted to try and get one of the baron lords ( the mule backs) the protection of the brotherhood would help the smaller brahman rancher, keep them from getting knocked around by the bigger ranches.

Once back home…. we visited a neutral turf bar. Immediately I felt like all eyes were on me but no one shot me soooooo good start. We met a Brahmen vet and she set was nice enough to set up a meeting for us with the brahman lords. After that i went up to the second floor with wayne and found a biker gang harassing a girl so we step between them and the girl. the standoff was short but tence and the bikers eventually got bored and left. we said are thanks to the vet and We left the bar to rest up for the meeting the next day.

The day started in a bit of a rush as we all washed somewhat ate a hasty meal and piled in to the death trap heading for the meeting. You know what they say about the best laid plans right and murphy’s law… it all happened to me today. First, the bikers from the other day ambushed us and we had a driving car battle at first we had the upper hand the truck protecting us more than their bikes and we manage to slay all but too before Wayne tried to take a turn to hard and we slammed into some building at first I thought I was ok but I felt a sharp pain in my arm and I know it was broken.

Stumbling out of the truck I only managed to look up in time….. as I was in a daze mind you… to catch the last of the bikers there leader slamming his bike into me at speed, and I died…AGAIN saw the white light and everything and I think that was my mom calling me an ass but two shots of something got my heart beating again and I regained consciousness to see the party looking down at me but now we have an issue I’m beat to all hell with a broken arm, the truck is a wreck and we are going to be late for a very important date. I don’t know how we’re going to pull this off.

Session 13

I woke up in Volvo, and we all noticed that Sam had left sometime in the early morning. I checked to make sure all of our caps and equipment were still there, and they were, so I wasn’t too worried about it, and went to get some breakfast. The rest of the group decided to join me, so we went off to find the diner.

We walked in, and Sam was already there, chatting up some of the locals. When he saw us come in, he came over and joined our table. Sam told us that he had been asking around town for more details what was going on out in the Wastes, and filled us in on what he heard. After breakfast, we loaded up into the Death Trap, a very apt but disconcerting name for a vehicle, and head out to find Fort Peck.

The trip took the better part of a day in the truck, and those of us stuck in the back were more than ready for some fresh air. For such a smooth talker, Sam really does pay enough attention to his personal hygiene, must be a result of growing up out here.

Wayne stopped the truck just outside of the gates to the fort as several spotlights lit up and trained on us. I was starting to get nervous and was about to reach for my gun when a voiced boomed out of the darkness for us to come forward and identify ourselves. Cautiously, we all moved forward, and Sam began the introductions and explained what we were doing here. Things were going smoothly until Wayne opened up his big mouth and told them Pike sent us! I swear, wasn’t he paying attention when Pike told us not to mention his name?

This may end up causing trouble in the future, but mentioning Pike got us a visit with their Elder, who is in charge of this base. What an impressive base it is too. All of the people we see are in very formidable armor. Having seen the real thing now, I realize that the crap we sold to Pike was a poor copy indeed. Just inside the gates were several trucks and a couple of tanks. They actually have tanks! How can these people have such advanced technology, well for out here anyway, when everyone else is living like pigs in a stye? Hopefully we can get an answer to this question.

We were escorted to see the Elder, and he informed us that they are indeed hording technology in order to protect the world from a recurrence of what happened in the great war. He told us that there is some sort of force moving into this region of the waste, and they will need help to protect the citizens of the towns around here and defeat them.

We offered our help, and asked to join up with them. He said he didn’t know if he could trust us yet, and offered us an important mission. There are three towns near Fort Peck, and they would need the help of at least one of them to have a chance against the raiders. He told us if we could get one of the towns to join with them, he would tell us more about the enemy.

Wayne offered to broker a deal with the leaders of Volvo because he is from there and they all know him, so back to Volvo we went. Wayne may be a bit of an ass, but he did a great job organizing a meeting with the leaders, and Sam did a bang up job selling them on the dangers the enemy posed. He was a bit melodramatic, but it worked.

With Volvo agreeing to join the Brotherhood, we went back to Fort Peck, but first we had to talk to Pike. As soon as we got into his shop, Wayne starts babbling how Sam told the Brotherhood that Pike sent us. Pike was pretty pissed, so I stepped up and told him that it wasn’t Sam, but Wayne who spilled the beans. Pike eventually calmed down, and was fairly reasonable about it. So off we went.

Back at Fort Peck, they already knew about the deal, and we were showed around the base, and were given bunks in the barracks. They also gave us keycards like we used to have in the Vault, although these were attached to an account, with 500 credits. I had no idea if that was a little or a lot. Paladin Mitchell told us it was good at their commissary, so we headed over to check it out. Wow! They had some great stuff here. We couldn’t afford the really good stuff, so we just got some fuel for Wayne’s truck, and decided to save the rest.

Another meeting with the Elder, and more information about the enemy. Apparently they claim to be trying to rebuild civilization, but if their only goal was peaceful existence, why do they need such a large army? The Elder showed us an Eagle medallion similar to the one we have, but not melted by plasma. He showed us some clips from WWII, and said they seem to be using old Nazi symbols, and are acting like they may be trying to create a Fourth Reich.

The Elder asked us to get Great Falls and Butte to join up when them, so we headed off to Great Falls. Apparently Sam has some issues here, so when we got to town, we slipped him into the local tavern to lay low. To my great surprise, I knew half the people in there! Mary Anne, Roy Rogers and Brian and his Wife were there. And off in the corner, is the first person we met in the Wastes! remembering that he like Vault stuff, I offered him the 5 Overseers robes, and he gave us 2,000 caps! I wish we had found more!

While we were getting reunited, there were screams from upstairs, and we went running. Wayne and Sam got there first, and some bikers were harassing the waitress. Sam tried to talk them down, and eventually they left, so we went back downstairs. Mary Anne has been working with all of the brahmin ranchers here, and offered to arrange a meeting with the Brahmin Lords, the newest group in town.

A couple of days later we were on our way to the meeting, and our truck was ambushed by the damn biker gang. Those of us in the back did our best to fight them off, but the truck was taking a pounding, and Wayne’s driving like he had bricks for hands didn’t help. We were close to finishing them off, when the truck started to skid, and BAM!!! we hit a wall. Katherine and Sam crawled out of the truck, Sam’s left arm seemed to be broken, and WHAM, Sam got hit by the Biker Leader and his bike.

I jumped out of the truck, and they were both dead. I screamed for Steve, and started rooting through our supplies. He showed up straight from fixing up Wayne, and I handed him a shot of Epinephrine. I thought for a second it was working but, that must have just been my imagination. I was just standing there holding our other syringe of Epinephrine, and Wayne yanked it out of my hands, and slammed it into Sam’s chest, screaming “Don’t you quit me!”

With a gasp of breath, Sam opened his eyes. I swear I saw a little tear in the corner of Wayne’s eyes before he turned away and started working on repairing his truck. I set to patching Sam up as best as I could, and we decided we had better rush to get to our meeting.

Session 13

Pipboy Entry 062013

Initiates of the Brotherhood

Well it’s been a busy few days.. I feel like we’ve travelled more distance in the last few days than the past few weeks. I guess that’s what happens when you have a vehicle instead of going everywhere on foot…

So I wake up in Volvo after having spent a few days there, and I’m eager to go check out the brotherhood that Pike said was at Fort Peck. Pike has always been great to us and I’m a big fan of the fancy armor and guns that the brotherhood seem to be famous for, plus they seem to actually have some morals here in the waste which seem harder to come by than they should.

So Sam apparently went out early and chatted up some locals, and we met him for breakfast before heading out to Fort Peck in Wayne’s truck. On the way there we find a girl and her dog wandering around the road, I think she was heading to Volvo but we basically just waved and said hi as we drove by… one of the few people we’ve met outside of a town in the waste that hasn’t tried to kill us.

So we arrive at the fort, and their security looks pretty nice. They invite us up to the gate and ask some questions, and Wayne must have been nervous or something because he told them exactly what we weren’t supposed to… that Pike had been the one to send us this way. Even though it was perhaps not the right thing to say, it did get us into their base and a meeting with their commanding officer.

We tried to ask more questions about this war going on, because we didn’t want to be on the wrong side or even the middle of it. Ray thinks that the brotherhood may be what the knight in shining armor represented from his dream… but he thought it was also Wayne’s truck so I’m not quite sure. But I like the brotherhood so far, so I’m not going to question it….

Anyway, they didn’t want to give us answers. They don’t trust us, they think we might be part of the problem. So of course, we ask how we might gain their trust. They say that they need to improve their relationship with Volvo, Great Falls, and Butte in case the conflict gets much worse and they need to trade for supplies. Sam and Wayne were from Volvo and think this shouldn’t be too hard… so we agree and head back to Volvo.

The trip back is uneventful, and Wayne and Sam are immediately able to convince the leaders of Volvo to meet and listen to us. I mostly stay out of it, as I’m not great at talking and I’m not even from here, but they do ask my opinion of the brotherhood and I give them a great recommendation from everything I’ve heard and try to convince them it’s the right side of the conflict to join. And it’s not like they’re asking them to fight, they just want open trade for their energy cells. So anyway, they go off and vote and eventually agree 3 to 2, but it looks like the car salesman guy doesn’t like Wayne as much any more because of it. This is probably just the start of making enemies from picking the wrong side of a conflict…

So we head back down to Fort Peck with the good news, and apparently the news travelled even faster than we did. They mentioned they had been watching us? I wonder if they have someone in Volvo with a radio or something that can talk to Fort Peck… Anyway, we did well and got 500 credits to spend at their store. It was a little overwhelming looking at the new gear here, and I don’t know how to use half of it. I may have to start figuring out these energy weapons sometime… We bought some more fuel for Wayne’s truck and saved the rest for now. There is some sweet armor in there if we can save up some more credits for it.

We also get the grand tour of the base and I spend some time working out in their training area. I sure wish we had one of these in our vault… but I guess our experiment was to keep us busy repairing things instead of actually getting stronger. I guess at least I can thank the vault for how smart I have become as I feel wiser than the average person out here. The commander wants us to continue the previous mission and get Great Falls and Butte on their side as well. Later, in private, Sam tells us more of Great Falls and more of himself… apparently some people back there sure don’t like him. But there are 3 factions so we just figure we’ll go see one of the others.

We make our way to Great Falls and learn the way of the land there. We end up at a bar where we actually see some folks we know! The trader we saw immediately out of the vault buys up the overseer jumpsuits that we had gotten from the vault, and there are a couple of Conroy’s ex-citizens there as well. We find out that the girl who is the vet for the Brahmins in town actually has access to talk to all three factions without any trouble. After some discussion, we try to get her to let us meet with the newest of these groups at a neutral location so we can pass along our message. She agrees, and we have a couple of days to wait for this to happen.

During our wait, Sam pisses off some bikers at a bar who were trying to hit on a waitress a little too much. I don’t think too much of it, as there wasn’t really any violence going on, but there Sam was making enemies… On our way to the meeting, they found us again. And started shooting at us from their bikes! I was sitting in the front seat and we had quite a shootout with the bikers from the truck. It was going decently well until Wayne needed to make a sharp turn… something happened and the truck went out of control and we wrecked it. Fortunately there were only 2 bikers left by then, and we dropped one of them as he was racing towards us. The other… their leader… decided he wanted to run into Sam and he ended up killing both of them….

We did have two shots of Epinepherine, and I’d been practing my doctoring a bit so I gave it a shot. Eventually the party was able to bring him back around, although he was badly injured with a broken arm and I think something broken in his groin as well.

Already late for the meeting, Ray, Sam, Margaret, and myself went ahead on foot while Wayne and Katherine tried to repair his vehicle and salvage what they can from the raiders…

Session 13
Taloswind Taloswind

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