Fallout - Vault 53

Session 14 Xp

Adventure Log: 5000 xp

Brahmin Lord, Perk, when riding a Brahmin you do 5x dmg… now you just gotta find one to ride…


5000 xp


Santa maria my balls!

My new comrades and I, I can say that now with a deep senses of belonging. I have come to like them except maybe Wayne. Hurried to make our meeting with the mule backs. Wayne having to stay behind to try and fix that junk pile he calls a truck. Despite the pain in my most tender of bits we manage to arrive not too late to have our meeting with Rodriguez the leader of the mule backs.

The banter was light as I laid out are deal – Food for the brotherhood, protection for the mule backs but Rodriguez looked at me and asked “ Why should I deal with one of the baron men.” I told him quickly that I was no longer working under the baron and that I was the man who played pokey with his wife. The Mule backs laughed at this and spoke of an old nickname that I had wished I would never hear again “Sammy porker”.

The Mule back leader looked us over and told us the white horns and the Barons were selling to the opposition and that would put is at a disadvantage and countered my offer. Help him unify great fall under his leadership and we get all the meat we would need as well as denying the “Waste Nazi’s” the valuable food source they would need for their endeavors. We readily agreed and planned a trap, Inviting The Baron and the White horns to a meeting knowing both men would love to start a bidding war on their valuable food sources. When the two mortal enemy’s met on the streets outside the bar the two would start fighting and then we would mop up.

Two days later we all gathered with some hired guns to aid the Mulebacks as the two other brahmin lords meet each other out on the street a signal from the group hidden in the bar had are hidden sniper take a shot and start the fight. Boy it was a big fight, the first few seconds the Barons and the White horns shot at each other, but some of the Mulebacks got over eager and jumped into the fight little early.

We poured out on the bars balcony more gun hands then there was space for us to shoot, I managed to get up to the rail and seeing that fat arrogant Baron just made me feel so angry. My first shot took him on the side of the face ripping his cheek open and I smirked keeping up the fire as the madness only deepen as one of are hired mercs drove his car throw the enemy lines.

The fighting intensified as the White horns and the Barons realized the trap and turned there fighting on us. It got a little shaky at first but Big Ben And his big gun and some well placed shots took out the Baron (take that your fat bastard).

With the Baron dead Joseph the leader of the White horns managed to keep control and keep the fighting heavy, pressing are little army hard but once Joseph fell We had won a great victory Great fall had one master now and he was our friend… god damn I’m good.

Returning to the brotherhood as heroes with food and fuel enough for the war to come We were offered to join the Brotherhood as Squires we all agreed and a rigorous 2 week training course we came out Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger men to meet this fight.

We left after training to visit Volvo to buy supplies and gear as well to meet pike, Volvo had been attacked by the Waste Nazi’s but the brotherhood turned the back… The war is here.

Session 14 Xp

Pipboy Entry 071113

The Unification of Great Falls: New friends, new enemies

After having been in a brutal wreck after the fight with the bikers, Sam, Margaret, Ray and I hurried our way to the meeting with the mulebacks — having to go on foot and give medical attention first meant we would be late.

Upon arriving at The Pit bar, the whole place looked tense and I was worried that they would be pissed that we were late. We approached the meeting location on the upper floor and were met with armed guards — who fortunately told us to come on in. A good precaution and a good position for them as well.

As we approached, the Mule Back leader asked me why we had a Baron with us, nodding to Sam. I started to explain how we came to meet and how he wasn’t really with them anymore, but Sam spoke up louder and got to business explaining why the Barons were really his enemy now. A bit of an embarrassing story for him, but he had told us before. Sleeping with the wife of what could be considered a mob boss with all the mercs he had… not a good idea. But the mulebacks seemed to love it and even gave us a new name to call Sam… Sammy Porker. We’ll be sure to remember that for later…

Sam seemed to quickly charm the Mule Backs into agreeing and it seems we picked the right people to come to first, as both of the other leaders had already agreed to work with the group that the brotherhood is fighting against. A great opportunity presented itself to not only secure a food source for the brotherhood, but at the same time deny a great food source for their enemies and we jumped at the opportunity. I’m a little sad it had to come to as much blood shed as it did, though, but apparently these three factions in Great Falls had spilt blood long before we showed up and threw a match onto the gas fire…

We worked out a plan with the mulebacks to draw the other two factions together and get them to start killing each other. Then we would, from an advantageous vantage point, join in the fight and make sure they both lose. We got our vet friend to set up a meet with both groups at the same time — high noon a few days from the first meeting.

During those days, we got everything set up for the ambush — we set a sniper in what we thought was a good position to, as I said, throw the match on a gas fire — while most of the rest of us were hiding in the currently closed bar’s upper floor ready to burst out and blast from the balcony. We hired a few mercs to make sure the fight went the way we wanted it to and they all performed admirably. Our one big mistake was not being able to know where the parties would come from and it turns out our sniper was way too vulnerable… and she didn’t make it. Another citizen of Conroy dead at our hands.

But as I said, other than that it went mostly smooth. The mule backs did lose a few of their men, but the leadership was intact as well as most of our group mostly unharmed.

As the fight ended, I rushed to the aid of two of our mercenary friends who had fallen — the aforementioned citizens of Conroy. I was able to get Brian back to concious and rushed to go try to save his wife as well. Unfortunately it was beyond my skill to revive her and I sadly mourned the loss. And this is where I learned how dark of an individual that Wayne is.

Just after seeing his wife was dead, Wayne had the nerve to say something which I just assume was a horrendous attempt at a joke. He asked Brian if we could have the money back that we paid her — since she was dead. Not only was it a paltry amount of caps, but she was the best and bravest of us in the fight. She caused the conflict to begin and from a poor position and ended up paying the ultimate price. I can’t help but feeling responsible as it was my idea to put a sniper in the field to start the shooting…

Anyway, after the extremely inappropriate comment from Wayne, Brian takes a swing at Wayne — as any man who just lost their wife would likely do — but he is not well enough yet to have full control of his body apparently and in the process of trying to punch Wayne he slips and hurts himself instead — and slips back into unconciousness.

Now at this point, maybe I could have laughed it off as them being rediculous and forgiven and moved on. But Wayne’s dark side got even worse when he pulled out his pistol and shot the defenseless, unconcious man who was only moments ago an ally and possibly even a friend to some of us. He squeezed off three bullets into the unconcious man, which of course killed him. We screamed and yelled and cursed at him… or at least I did, I barely remember the rest as I was so furious with rage that I considered turning on Wayne right then and taking justice into my own hands.

I decided not to however, I did not want to act in the rash manner that Wayne just had.

Sam completed some negotiations with the mule backs while they celebrated their victory and even got the hat off of the mule back leader’s head he was so happy in that moment. We packed our gear into Wayne’s beaten up truck and were going to head back to the brotherhood’s fort. The truck was so beaten up and so weighted down by the motorcycles and other gear we had obtained that there was no room for passengers, which suited me just fine as I’m not getting along with Wayne right now for obvious reasons. So he drove while the rest of us made the journey back on foot. Fortunately the journey was uneventful.

We arrived back to the brotherhood, who were of course estatic that we were able to not only supply them with food but also deny their enemy of the same large food source. We were asked if we wanted to join the brotherhood or get a larger stipend to spend in their store and I immediately stated my interest to join them — something I have wanted for weeks now. We were accepted and spent two weeks training there. We had a choice of new gear as well — armor for all of us and a new truck for Wayne, or an extra big truck for Wayne. The armor was much more practical as we of course can take it anywhere we go, plus I wasn’t Wayne’s biggest fan right then, so to me the choice wasn’t too hard. Unfortunately it was a group decision and everyone else wanted the fancy armored personnel carrier — which of course only Wayne could drive.

The training the brotherhood gave was great and I consider them friends and allies now. But I still do not know what to do about Wayne. He seems to have gotten a central position in our group as not only the only one who can drive, but the person now in charge of our most precious piece of equipment. But I can’t stand the guy. He’s on the right team, right? Fighting with the brotherhood? But would he turn on us one day like he turned on Brian?

After our training ended, we headed back to Volvo to sell and restock. Upon arriving we find that Volvo had been attacked by the brotherhood’s enemies — this nazi group we learned of. Volvo hadn’t been faring well but the brotherhood showed up — better late than never — and scared them away. While it wasn’t a pleasant experiance for Volvo, thanks to the brotherhood they are still alive to tell the tale and the brotherhood is now stationed in defense.

So, off to Pike’s place to buy and sell things… is it wrong of me to expect Wayne to not take a share of our spoils? He did just basically acquire a huge vehicle at the expense of the rest of us getting better armor…

The war has begun at Volvo, and there is another war taking place in my mind to figure out what to do about Wayne…..

Session 14 Xp

Well, thought i’d lost that journal, lots of things happened since last time i guess… where to even begin.

Long story short, we left Volvo after making some business with that Pike guy, en route to Fort Peck, a brotherhood stronghold that the other guys wanted to visit for some reason, when we arrived there we found the coolest place in existence, aweosme guns, tanks even vertibirds, never thought i’d ever see one with my own eyes, these things are such beauties.

Anyways, we inquired there as to what was going on in the waste, and what we learned was troubling, the brotherhood was at war with some group… weird, blond people that inspire themselves from some old people called nazi’s from way before the war. For some reason, these guys i was driving around decided they wanted to offer their support. I gave mine as well, anything that may get me to pilot a bird someday, i’ll do.

First things they wanted for us to earn their trust was to go to Volvo and establish fuel trading, so back to Volvo i went… I end up there a lot for a guy that decided to leave that town. I managed to get them to assemble a council and hear us out, with Sam’s golden tongue and my connections in the town, we made the deal pretty easy, although some of the people in the council weren’t too happy, but who cares about these dicks.

We returned to the brotherhood once again, they gave us those weird cards that apparently we could trade in for stuff at their store, it was weird and we didn’t buy much, only a bit of fuel… why use cards when you have caps, seriously… anyhow.

Next, they wanted us to go to great falls. Sam wasn’t too happy about that, granted he got himself in trouble with one of the brahmin people over there but anyhow, we were to get a trade deal for Brahmin with one of the factions in town.

So we hit the road, once we got there we headed straight for the pit, some shady bar in town where the guys met up with some people they knew from Conroy. They managed to get us a meeting with one of the brahmin lords. Sadly, all was not good.

We encountered some bikers in there, they were harassing that pretty waitress and we decided to intervene, at first it was no big deal, we just told them to stop, argued and little and went on our way, but as we were driving through town later they came out of an alley on their bikes and opened up on us with shotguns. Now, the Death Trap was my baby, but it definitely wasn’t suited for combat, i made my best to keep it controlled while the other guys were firing at the crazed bikers, the fight was pretty intense, i was going so slow cause i was scared to crash my baby, we had almost got them all when the unthinkable happened, i tried to turn, it wasn’t a hard maneuver either, but Steve, who was beside me, shot his gun as i was trying to turn and it made me jump a little, i lost control and ended up hitting a building pretty hard.

We were all hit up pretty hard in the crash, my car was almost dead and so were some of our people, Sam tried to get out, most likely knocked out of his mind a little and confused and got hit straight in the balls by the biker leader’s bike. Good news, the bikers were all dead, bad news, Sam’s groin was fucked up and he wasn’t breathing anymore. I had to do something there i ain’t proud of… we had some epinephrine and i… well… let’s just say i stabbed him where it hurt, brought him back though.

anyways, the others left me with Katherine as i was trying to fix up my car, at least enough to get back to Peck, they went on to the meeting. When me and Katherine made it there, they had decided they’d have the two other brahmin lords meet up in front of the bar and try to get them to shoot each other, at that point, we would hit.

Few days later, it was happening, and the plan worked decently too. we had that lady stationned in an alley, she took a shot at the baron’s wife, the one Sam fucked, and the brawl started. Bad thing is, some of these fuckers saw her and they starter firing up on her. We were up on the Pit’s balcony and started shooting down.

A three-way battle ensued, it was quite beautiful, the poor lady who gave the first shot died quickly, her husband Brian went nuts and started rampaging, he was good, gotta give him that. Sam had something for the Baron and riddled his has with bullets, i had my eyes on some scarred up motherfucker from the other clan, i don’t know why, just wanted to shoot his face up. So i did.

The fight went on for a bit, but when bodies started falling, they didn’t stop, and soon enough, all that were left were us, our mercs and the Lord we had sided with and a few of his men.

We had payed Brian and his wife 100 caps each for their service, now his wife was dead, so i figured, what’s the harm in asking for her half back right? well he didn’t take it that way, he jumped me, tried to punch me and believe me, that guy’s punches aren’t soft, i dodged him though and he ended up hitting himself instead. Now, i ain’t proud of that part but… i didn’t want him to get patched up and try to kill me again, so i blasted his face three times.

The other guys didn’t like that one bit, Steve just started ignoring me and even walked all the way back to Fort Peck, whatever though i don’t really care.

We had settled the trading deal with what was now the only Brahmin lord in Great Falls, we headed back to the brotherhood, victorious once more. What they offered us this time was much greater, they let us into their ranks, gave us all real military training, we spent two weeks running obstacle courses, strength tests, psych evaluations, all that shit, i came out of that a new man, seriously. They gave us something else, that’s the good part, they said none of their members should drive in such a dangerous piece of crap as my death trap (i disagreed, but said nothing) so they blew it up, not before i said goodbye though, i hate to admit it but i shed a tear when i saw the carcass of my old truck. That pain was soon relieved when they showed me what i was gonna be driving now though, an APC, a military truck, basically better than the Death trap in every possible way, got hatches everywhere, it turns on a dime compared to my old car and it’s just a beauty, i cried again and called it the Victory Machine after our squad name, the V-Squad.

We wanted to go trading at Pike’s at that point, so we made our way to Volvo… we found it much different than we had left it, there were brotherhood guards posted in front, the walls were all fucked up and a lot of people were dead, it had been attacked by those fucking Nazi’s, the brotherhood honored their protection pact and managed to save the town, but for me, it was already too much. Now it’s personal, these Nazi fucks are going down.

Session 14 Xp

With my head still ringing from the damn crash, Sam, Steve, Margaret and I walked to the Pit to make our meeting with the Mule Backs. We were fairly late, and the attitude in the bar was very reserved. Fearing trouble, I injected myself with a stimpak, and we headed for the stairs in the back. Just as we came out from the balcony, I noticed several men with guns trained on us, so I reached for mine just in case. But I swear, that damn Sam could walk into a mountain and claim he never saw it, and just walked up the steps oblivious as hell.

Steve and I approached a little more cautiously, and we found Ricardo, the leader of the Mule Backs. Sam laid out our proposal, with a few interjections from Steve and myself, and we eventually came to an agreement. If we help Ricardo and his men take out the Barons and the White Horns, he would agree to supply the Brotherhood with all of the meat they needed.

We enlisted Mary Anne to go to the other Brahmin Lords and arrange a meeting. She got them both to agree to meet with us in four days. We took that time to rest from our fight with the biker gang, and plan our strategy. We got Brian and Judy from Conroy to join us for just a couple of caps, and we also hired two local mercs. The first was the Road Warrior, and he agreed to hit the enemy with his suped up sedan. The other merc was a big guy named Big Ben with a very large machine gun.

The day of the meeting arrived, and Ricardo and his boys met us in The Pit. We positioned Judy in an alley across the street and told her to get the fight started with a shot, and then retreat back down the alley and get to safety. We were all waiting in the second floor of the Pit when we heard Judy’s shot, and a bunch of others, so we ran out onto the balcony and several of the the Mule Mercs started shooting. It took some maneuvering to get up to the balcony to get a shot, and there were already several bodies in the street.

Judy must have panicked, because instead of running down the alley like we told her to, she ran right in front of the White Horns. This did not go well for her, as she was too far away for us to give her much cover, and she went down just as Brian came bursting out of the first floor. This sent him into a rage and he started tearing White Horns apart with his bare hands.

Back up on the balcony, our concentrated fire was having a good effect of the enemy below. I was starting to wonder if the Road Warrior had drove off with our caps, when his car came barreling down the street right through the fight, running over several combatants, including The Baron and Jacob WhiteHorn. Of course that wasn’t enough for him, he also fired a burst from his badass shotgun right into Jacob’s face.

The guys in the street had finally realized they were in a trap, and started firing up at us, and a couple of the Mule Back mercs were killed. We kept pouring the rounds down on the street, and the Road Warrior kept doing his thing. We were a little too effective on our side of the balcony and were running out of targets, so Steve leaped off of the balcony. I fired a shot and following him down, with Big Ben right behind me. The Baron was shot down and Jacob WhiteHorn rallied the remaining mercs from both sides to fight us.

This was too little too late, and we made short work of them, only losing a few more Mule Back mercs. One of the last few enemies dropped Brian, and as soon as the rest were dead, Steve brought Brian back around, then we all ran over to see if we could save Judy. We were too late, she was already gone. Here is where it got real weird, the fucker Wayne asked Brian if we could have the 100 caps back that we had given Judy, and Brian lost it and went for Wayne. Unfortunately for Brian, he slipped on some poor bastards entrails, and hit the street head first and knocked himself out. I have not idea what Wayne was thinking here, but he put three bullets in the back of Brian’s head.

I was speechless, I couldn’t believe he just killed one of our people. Then, the idiot started to scavenge one of the dead Mule Back mercs. I saw this was going to end real bad, so I cocked my shotgun and pointed it at Wayne’s chest. “You leave that man alone, and don’t even think about looting any of our other comrades in arms.” Steve and Sam both followed my lead and trained their guns on Wayne. Unfortunately Wayne back away and just searched the enemy dead again. If that guy doesn’t clean up his act, he just might look down and find a couple of wholes in his chest.

We wrapped up business with Ricardo and our hired guns, and headed back to Fort Peck. When we got there, the Elder offered us increased access to their supplies, or they would make us members of the Brotherhood. We all agreed to join up. They offered us a great looking truck and some badass armor, but we opted to upgrade the truck to an APC and pass on the armor. We got a nice display of Brotherhood weaponry when they blew up what was left of Wayne’s truck.

We climbed into our new vehicle, which the named the Victory Machine, since Sam thought we should call ourselves the V-Squad or Victory Squad. I agreed with the squad name, but for me it stands for Vault Squad. We headed back to Volvo to sell some of our loot, and as we got close the town, we saw several plumes of smoke. We got to the walls and found out the Nuka-Nazi’s had attacked the town. Apparently things were going bad for the town, when a Brotherhood Verta-Bird arrived, and a couple of squads of Paladin’s descended and fought back the attackers.

We went to Pike’s and traded in some of our equipment. I wonder what the Brotherhood had for us next.

Session 14 Xp
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