Fallout - Vault 53

Session 15 xp


5000 xp


Warp ability, (energy guns) deals 3d6 dmg, and successful hit incapacitates an enemy for 2d4 rounds

Adventure Log, up to 5000 xp

Knight Rank: 10,000 Brotherhood credits for w/e equipment you want


Death comes to us all,
The Elder has decided that the newest Squire’s are ill prepared for the war to come that is why he is sending me.

Franklin smith was born in to the brotherhood, to a pair of combat knights. His father died in the field and his body was recovered. His childhood was a hard. Living in a the wasteland like most boys he scrap with the others and stayed on the compound as well as learning what the brothers decided he needed to learn. As all born to the brotherhood becomes knights, so did frank.

He grow up strong, with steady hands and a keen feel of anatomy he was trained as a combat medic and was assigned to the lance combat medical core after making to Squire, where he served with distinction. He served in several raiding mission to old military bases to secure per-war technology as well as fending of several bandit raids. With mini-gun or scalpel he serves the brotherhood with all his ability.

With the war for the waste with the would be Nazi’s began he geared up leave with his Squad in to battle however the elder pulled him aside and removed him from lance squad At first he was shocked and angry, feeling that he was unjustly being punished. But the elder was far wiser then Franklin he felt that there newsiest member need and experiences knight to aid them in there important mission and so elected to assign a combat medic from lance Squad to the autonomous Victor Squad to aid in there efforts to gain support for the brotherhood, both logistically and informational. The elder confided in Franklin that he felt this vault dwellers and there smooth talking waste-lander friends may help swing the favor of the war firmly in the brotherhoods favor.

Packing his gear and catching a virtabird transport he look on as he left his home fort Peck for the wasteland, to aid men he did not know but he must place his faith in. I am a warrior let the battle be joined. So Prays the Combat medic.

Session 15 xp

Pipboy Entry 071613

After learning of the battle at Volvo, we were eager to get back to the brotherhood at fort Peck. But… it was night, so we slept at Volvo and were going to head out in the morning.

We were awoken by our pipboys beeping…. which was very odd as it hasn’t done anything like this since when we were still in the vault. We all gather and try to figure out what’s going on, when our pipboys start talking to us. It appears the enemy has figured out a way to talk to pipboys in an attempt to recruit ex vault dwellers to their army. The voice started out sort of reasonable, asking us to join them and help unite the wastelands. Unity is good, in itself, but…

The message continued, saying it was trying to unite the Aryan Race and mentioning things like Heil Hitler. Now, I’m a pretty smart guy. I’ve read history. Hitler was the leader of the army that lost the first war in our history to use nuclear weapons. And, while the victors do write the history, was used as an example of the most evil a person could be for probably a hundred years after that war.

Anyway, this obviously was not the same guy as that was forever ago. After some back and forth chatter between us and what appears to be an AI device talking back to us, it gives us the location of where to go to join their army. I was simply asking more informaiton about their army and who they fight and if there were repercussion for not joining them… and found out that this Hitler is probably just as evil as the one before.

For simply asking a question related to not joining them, the message changed to one of hostility and said my pipboy would explode if I did not agree to join them. I tried to remove the pipboy at this point, but it had been on me for so long that I didn’t really even know how to remove it. It didn’t like this either and started counting down faster. I asked it how to stop the timer but it wouldn’t answer either. My friends yelled at me to just agree to anything to make it stop, but … I couldn’t. It was a split second decision but I just decided to take the risk that maybe it wouldn’t blow up. Plus I was pretty sure with the wounds I’ve taken and healed that I would survive such a thing… maybe it will tell us something useful?

Anyway, it didn’t tell us much useful. It gave me some pretty bad burns on my arm and hurt like hell but overall nothing we couldn’t get fixed relatively quickly.

Meanwhile, Katherine’s pipboy was counting down too. She agreed to join them and it “paused” at 3 seconds. Sam ran off to get Pike’s help. For some reason, Ray’s had deactivated earlier. I guess he knew when to shut up. Katherine’s pipboy got removed and thrown off and it blew up just seconds later. Ray decided to keep his.

We now have the location of the enemy base… or at least the one they use for recruiting. Since someone there figured out how to use our pipboys… I figured maybe some of our old vaultmates are over there. Ray’s pipboy at least shows its the same direction, so possible…

We make our way to Ft Peck and report in. They already knew all about the message… I’m guessing Pike radioed it in. We were told that our vehicle has a radio in it to talk to the brotherhood and showed how to use it. We were also given a new mission — in addition to getting the support of the militia in Butte we were also to do recon on an enemy base not too far away from there. We spoke with some recon experts, bought some binoculars and more fuel, and went on our way.

On the way down, Wayne nearly ran into some big pit in the road. Apparently it was there to set up some sort of zombie ambush… as all these nazi ghouls started coming out of it and shooting us. We returned fire and these ghouls were no match for us. Unfortunately, however, a nazi troop transport was coming up the other road just as we were making our way around this strange hole in the road… And they had better guns and were shooting at us too!

Wayne tried to get past them in order to not get surrounded, but their driver headed us off and we couldn’t get past. Tons of shots were exchanged, and Wayne was taking a beating. I got in the hatch up top and tried to focus on the enemies with assault rifles bursting at us. In retrospect, maybe I should have went for the enemy driver, but in combat you have to make some quick choices.

We all stayed in the APC which took quite a few hits for us during the battle, and eventually killed most of the nazis. The enemy driver unfortunately got away while wayne was unconcious so we couldn’t chase. I gave Wayne some first and then got out and took the weapons and armor and ammo from the enemies we had fallen, and noticed a couple were still alive yet unconcious. Wayne radio’d it back to Ft Peck and they said they had no use for prisoners unless they were commanding officers.

So, we continued on to Butte. At least the rest of the trip was uneventful. We arrived and I looked straight for a place to stay the night, eager about the recon mission in the morning. Sam apparently had other ideas and went out bar hopping for information. He apparently was quickly able to figure out who in the town may be allies for us and what we needed to do to unite the town behind us… take out a bunch of slavers who were in charge.

We went out to meet them… and it was a bit cryptic in that we ended up going down a sewer grate instead of the location they’d really given us… but we figured it out. Sam went down first, then said it was safe and the rest of us followed. Then we all cursed Sam because it looked anything but safe. There was not only explosives placed all around us, but several heavily armed men already pointing guns at us. And I wondered if Sam had just killed us all.

However, Sam was right and they were friendly once seeing us all. Apparently they needed some serious firepower help against these slavers to make a difference and they were pleased enough with what we had to offer. We spoke with them and formulated a plan to attack the slaving company that very night. Still being injured from before, we stop off at a doctor on the way and get patched up for a few caps each…

Then we’re rolling up on the slave trading company base with 2 vehicles and a lot of firepower. All of us together made pretty quick work of the guards on duty and even a couple others who ran out of the building to help. These friends of ours have some nice guns.

The problem was, while we were killing here, a bunch more enemies were coming up from behind us. I didn’t really notice at first, concentrated on taking out the guards and freeing the slaves in front of us. I was also a bit fascinated by the weapon that one of the slaves apparently was able to use? He was lifting enemies into the air and could hit them with a shocking blast?

Anyway, we handled the ones in front of us so I got out of the APC and ran for a nearby alley to go assist. I ran and turned the corner to find another 5 enemies bearing down on our allies not far away. I fired some shots at them and did some damage, but the rest of the team was able to outnumber them and overpower them especially after I arrived with a couple more friendlies.

Just after I thought it had all gone so well, I found out that Sam had taken too many shots at too close of a range and was dead. Not even close to alive. I took the hat he was proud of and hung it in the APC for us to remember him. And then, as usual, went about scavenging the equipment from our fallen enemies.

Later, Katherine was able to convince Butte to follow us and support the Brotherhood against the nazis! But we’re in a bit of a rush as we already have this recon mission to go do in the morning…

We head to the spot and take a look through our binoculars at the camp. Ray must have had a better angle than I did as he could see better. Quite an army facing us! Lots of vehicles and troops with what looks like some pretty good gear. We radioed back our success there and in Butte and headed back to meet up with the Brotherhood…

Session 15 xp

Another day another killing fest, last time i wrote in this i think we arrived in Volvo, it had been attacked by those NSZI fucks, we slept there for the night.me and Sam were awoken by a knock on our door at the hotel, it was Katherine, i thought she finally realised she wanted me there for a second, but no, apparently she woke us up at 6 am to listen to some fucking message on her wrist thingie.

The message was coming out of a little boy with a weird stache, long story short, it was telling us to join the aryan race or what not and go to some museum up east and get training, Ray kinda seemed to make the machine believe that we were gonna join, Katherine and Steve didn’t, some countdown started coming down and we quickly figured it meant the damn wrist thing was gonna blow up. Katherine lied to the machine but Steve, such a good man, didn’t wanna lie, he just tried to shield himself from the blast and let his wrist blow up!

Kinda crazy i know, but anyhow, We got Pike to remove Katherine’s pip-boy but Ray wanted to keep his apparently, we left and headed back to Fort Peck.

Once there, The elder asked us to head south to Butte (i can’t say how much i love that name) and Scout an ennemy camp, it was an opportunity to hit 2 birds with 1 stone since we also had to get manpower from Butte.

We made our way there…

In the middle of the way, i almost drove straight into a pit, i managed to stop though, out of the pit came out some weird ass looking dudes in them NSZI uniforms, i managed to get back and try to drive through them, the fuckers dodged me though.

Then it happened , out on the horizon, a truck, carrying a bunch of these NSZI’s. They had AK’s and shit, their driver was a real douche too, i tried to get out of his way but he rammed into me, then i tried to get past him, he just blocked me again, i had to back out 90 degrees so we didn’t get surrounded, the other guys had already started shooting up these shitheads, i joined in for a while, targetting the pilot cause the other guys were too busy shooting these random assholes, i got shot once, twice, three times, then it went black.

When i woke up, they were all dead, we were now 7 ak’s up and some other stuff.

We got to Butte and after Sam asked around the bar, we managed to get a meeting with some people who said they may help us train people in town and get fighters for the brotherhood if we helped them take down some slaver camp or whatever.

At first they wanted us to hit from both sidesbut our weak guns changed their minds, we all went in together.

We drove up close, 2 trucks, once we arrived at the assault spot, that guy Duke i think, grinned and pressed some kind of button in his truck, he blew the fucking guard towers sky high! the dudes on there were pretty beat up, we started shooting at them, the guards around the fence went down quickly.

We noticed a woman in the slave camp, she was weird, has weird tats and a blad head, she seemed like she could lift people and throw them around with her minds, man i though i was high at that point.

The fight was going great, till lady Jayne yelled at us to come help her, we turn the corner behind us and shit, there were at least 8 of them and some big ass guy, we opened up, a few of us took an alley to try and flank them, before they made it though the big guy went straight up to Sam and obliterated him, fuck, of all people Sam had to be taken out by slavers, we were pissed, Katherine took the big dude out and we kept on fighting, the fight was almost done and it’s then that i noticed, 2 guy were flying again, that bald chick actually WAS doing it, what the fuck!

We took care of the rest and the fight was over, the dudes in Butte held their promise and said they’d help us, we radio’d in to the brothers and went away to our scouting mission, we found a big camp, a lot of people and some of these weird looking ghoul nazis, a lot of them. A tank too, they don’t seem to have brotherhood tech but if that’s just one of their camps, they have much higher numbers, it wasn’t great news, we made our way back to Peck and apparently, we earned ourselves a promotion again!

Session 15 xp

After making sure Volvo was safe, we decided to rest before heading back to Fort Peck tomorrow. I awoke at dawn to my Pip Boy beeping. I could her Steve’s and Katherine’s going off as well, and we gathered outside. There was a message coming in from the Nazi’s, I have no idea how they were doing that, telling us to come join them. I asked where they were and how we could find them, hoping the Brotherhood could launch a surprise attack, and I received coordinates, and my Pip Boy went quiet.

Steve and Katherine on the other hand, questioned why they should join, and a self destruct mechanism started counting down. Steve tried tinkering with his, and the countdown sped up, and his Pip Boy almost blew off his arm, and I convinced Katherine to agree to join, and her’s stopped at 3 seconds. Wayne and Sam were trying to convince me to take mine off, but I refused, it is the only thing I have to remind me of the Vault, and these Nazi Bastards aren’t taking this away from me.

We piled into the APC and went back to Fort Peck, where we got a mission to scout out a Nazi base, so we headed south. We weren’t to far from Fort Peck when Wayne slammed on the breaks and mumbled something about a sink hole, when a bunch of zombies in funny armor crawled out of the hole. We started gunning them down when a truck full of Nazi goons cam gunning up the road. A long fire fight ensued, with Wayne trying to maneuver around the enemy vehicle, until he was shot a few times and lost consciousness.

We were able to defeat this threat thanks to our armored conveyance, and called in the attack back to the Fort. We were instructed they didn’t need any prisoners, so Steve shot them all in the head, and we headed for Butte. We arrived in town, and Sam started asking around to find out if the Nazi’s had been here. He fell for another pretty face and dragged us into taking on a group of slavers along with the local underground resistance.

They lead us to the slaver’s base, and we launched a surprise attack and quickly freed the slaves, including an odd lady with some sort of psychic powers. While the rest of the group was busy with that, I went to help Lady Jaye just in time to see a large group of the slavers come running around the corner. Slowly the rest our group came over to help out, but not fast enough to save poor Sammy Porker, as a badass looking mother came running up to him and emptied a clip in his chest.

We quickly rallied and killed all of the remaining slavers. We rested for the night, and headed out to scout out the enemy base. I was able to pick out a few hidden vehicles, and we radioed back to the Elder with our findings. We were given a new set of coordinates to meet up with the Brotherhood force in the field, and we headed that way. We were promoted to Knights, and we rewarded with some pretty amazing gear. Pike was also with the group, and had some additional supplies for us to choose from.

It looks like a big fight is coming, and we are scurrying to get ready for it.

Session 15 xp

OK, so had my wife help me “judge these” so here are the verdicts.

Tyler: 4500 xp

Carl 4000xp

Kurt 4300 xp

David, I enjoyed reading your back story, and as such (even though you dident listen to the info i gave you, you can keep it as is. as far as xp you are getting 3500 xp for it, (it actually a really good reward for a back story, as the most i was planning on giving for one was around 3000 xp.

Session 15 xp
Taloswind Taloswind

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