Fallout - Vault 53

Session 16 xp

Adventure Log: 15,000 Xp

(be prepared to not get all this… basically you have to embellish on the battle and your player’s experienced and write more content then you experienced to receive the full amount)

MVP: Carl

Who chose the Inglorious Bastard Perk instead of of pure level.


with out drawing this out any more…

Inglorious Bastard Perk: When fighting any kind of Nazi that is not a General or Boss, you deal and extra 25 Bonus Dmg!!!!


Damn, another crazy couple of days, getting used to it i guess. We got a radio message from the brothers, telling us that instead of going to fort Peck, we were to report to some mobile camp somewhere, so we changed direction and headed there instead. Once we announced our success in Butte, we were greeted with another promotion, knights they called us, got a nice ring to it!

Sadly, we had to part ways with Margaret, i’m not too sure why but people felt she’d be more useful in another squad than with us, we said goodbye and she left to meet with her new members, not before sharing an intimate moment with Steve though, lucky fuck. We did recruit Jack into our squad though and i gotta say, she’s my kind of woman, i little on the rough side but we share a common interest in vehicles.

With all the loot we got, we all managed to buy ourselves some of that power armor the brothers are all wearin, and boy now i know why, that thing is tough as nails, makes me stronger too, i feel pretty damn safe in one of those, I also bought myself a nice M3 machinegun and 2 flamethrowers for the APC, you could say i’m packing heat.

A bit later, we were greeted by some other knight calling himself Franklin, apparently he was a sucky medic that got demoted into our squad, i kinda get why, the guy calls himself a medic but he couldn’t place a bandage on a wounded arm neither did he carry any stims, a little weird but i guess he can’t be worse than old Sam was.

We were then given another Task, we were to intercept a supply convoy en-route to the base we scouted south of Butte, we were to take it out and then get to the base and assault it ASAP, we were also getting the help of a squad of our choice, we considered the options and went with Lance squad, they’re medics and if things were to get bad, they’d be able to keep us up!

The APC, with us in it, got Helidropped almost on top of the convoy, i approached it from behind, there were 4 large trucks and a few guys on bikes, the bikers started surrounding the APC and the trucks just kept on going, people in the back of them shooting at us. The others in the back of the APC took care of the bikers as i closed in on the first truck, time to get cookin’, i blew 4 blasts with my flamers, the truck and everyone in it went ablaze, it was beautiful, i counted 9 people killed only with the flamers, it was quite glorious.

Then it got a little worst, we started taking rockets and grenades, i was too busy dodging obstacles to line myself up with any of the other 3 trucks so the others had to do most of the worst,it was going okay, apart from me and Jack getting a little banged up in the front of the APC, but then, out of nowhere, a giant pile of junk came up in front of us, one of the trucks managed to dodge it, the other wasn’t so lucky and neither was i. I managed to just scrape the side of the pile though, not even stopping my car, the other truck actually blew itself up and the rockets taht were in it started flying in all directions, a few of them hitting the APC, we were too slow now to catch up with the last guy so we just kept tailing him to the base.

Once we got there, i got on the radio and called the base, said we may need some backup as our arrival wasn’t gonna be a surprise, i wasn’t sure if they were gonna send anyone but it was worth a shot.

We decided to assault the base, we saw Lance squad was ready on the other side and took charge, the NSZI’s started swarming out of the buildings, waves and waves of them, it got scary, i saw a tank in the base though, i wanted to get it, i tried to run to it but one of them aryan fucks beat me to it. We all took cover inbetween one of their trucks and Lance’s APC, our power armors were softening their shots and it was a turkey shoot, it was easy as pie, although the tank was still scary, it almost had a shot on us when i heard it, a faint buzzing, then louder, louder and even louder, then i saw it, it was Vengence, the brotherhood’s best bird, piloted by the Eldar himself, he dropped a nuke on a squad of nazi ghouls and took a burst of… something on to the tank, blowing it sky high, it was beautiful.

The rest of the fight went quite uneventfully, it was pretty easy, just tedious to take out all them bastards. Quickly enough, we were done. More brothers joined us in the base and we were once again rewarded with ammo and guns aplenty.

It had been a crazy couple days so the Eldar decided to give us a little break, we were to stay at the base and defend it for a bit, felt like a nice gift, i was happy to spend some quiet time with Jack too, if you know what i mean, but sadly, it’s never that easy.

It was early morning when the horn rang, and we could hear shells blowing up outside of our barracks, we stormed out and got in the APC, Brimstone squad was with us at the time, so they lined up their tanks and we saw them, about 10 NSZI trucks and 3 tanks, coming straight at us, we formed a line with the vehicles and started shooting up the trucks, very few of them made it past our line, two did to be exact, and another one managed to unload his men before getting blown up. Me, Jack, Steve and Katherine were in the APC when i decided to go back and take care of the guys who breached our line, took me a while to get into position though and they weren’t dicking around, they were shooting us up with rockets and shit. I did managed though to get myself a nice line and start blazing these fucks, Steve and Katherine also helped out a lot by shooting them, and Jack did her usual magic shit or whatever it is.

We were doing good but these guys were hurting the APC’s pretty bad, then i saw that 2 of our own M1A1 abrams came to our help, the NSZI’s didn’t last long after that, by the time i got back to the front line, fight was over but that new guy, Franklin, was lying on the ground, dead. I ran to him and even though Steve and Ray had tried to bring him back, they’d failed. I had done it once before, i could do it again, i grabbed an epinephrine and jabbed it into his next, he spat out some blood and had a pulse again, a bit of patching up later, he was awake. Then he went all gay and hugged me and shit, was a little embarrassing to be honest.

But anyways, important thing is, we succeeded once again and were now full-blown Paladins.

The eldar told us that our next assignment was to find these gun runner folks, apparently they have tech that surpasses the Brotherhood’s, so, let’s hope they’re friendly or else we’re screwed…

Session 16 xp

Pipboy Entry 071813

Power Armor and Energy Weapons

After our last successful mission, we were promoted to Knights in the Brotherhood of Steel. We seem to be promoting relatively quickly but I suppose those who survive do. Sam didn’t make it.

We were given enough credits to get the brotherhood’s best armor available and all three of us jumped at the opportunity to wear power armor. Not only is it really cool looking, but it can take some serious hits that would have easily killed us before. And it did, but more on that later. We also sold a bunch of the gear from the slavers in Butte and were able to spend quite a bit on new weaponry, ammunition and supplies as well.

Ever since I had joined the brotherhood I had been fascinated with energy Weapons like the plamsa weapon which had caused the damage to the medallion we found that led us to the brotherhood to begin with. As we got promoted and received training I was eager to continue learning how to use energy weapons and to train with the more experienced brotherhood members in their use. It was fortunate that, now that we had lots of funds to spend on new weaponry, I finally felt confident enough to take an energy weapon into battle. So I bought two — along with some other medical supplies and ammo.

After our time of shopping and equipment euphoria, we were all in our barracks talking amongst ourselves, when someone from Lance squadron walks in and hands me some papers. Apparently with the death of Sam we had an opening and he was filling it. The papers also mentioned some mental instability which is a bit concerning — considering he has one of the biggest machine guns I’ve seen carried around so far, and he seems eager to use it. He claims he is a combat medic as well, so that should be useful. This war is definitely escalating and we can use all the help we can get… but perhaps Lance Squad is trying to dump us with their rejects if he really is mentally unstable. Just while talking with us I think I heard him activate some feature in his armor which injected him with some drugs. Maybe he’s an addict?

Anyway, shortly after our introductions with Franklin, the transfer from lance squad, we went to go see what our next mission is. The Eldar’s office has this sweet big screen TV that they use for this and it’s pretty sweet. I’m glad we’re on the high tech team! And you know, the good guys. Our mission is to intercept a supply convoy on the way to the location we had just scouted, then to join with another squad to eliminate the enemy forces there and capture the enemy facility. Which means it’s going to be something like 12 on 60… but I guess that’s what this good equipment is for eh?

After some negotiation, we choose Lance squad to join us, as we don’t yet know the other squads very well, and people who can fix us up if something goes wrong sounds good — plus the recommendation of our new member.

Speaking of new members, after rescuing Jack from the slavers and seeing what he can do, we decided to have him join us as well if it was ok with the brotherhood. It was approved and she was to join our team, but we had to let someone go if we wanted to take her on. I had a long talk with Margaret and we decided that maybe she should stay off the front lines and assist the Brotherhood of Steel elsewhere. She seemed to really appreciate it and thanked me profusely for taking her along to see all these adventures and keeping her alive during it all as well. It wasn’t just me, I said — there were others, plus she played a huge part herself and helped all of us in return. It was a bit of a mushy moment for both of us — but this is not a goodbye in any sense… But she was so grateful that she even kissed me!

So anyway, after receiving our new mission I go to se Margaret again to tell her I’m heading off to combat. She is again emotional and seems to have become much more friendly and attached to me now that she’s perhaps done with the front line fighting. She wants some extra time with me to comfort each other before we depart and I can’t say no — we don’t need to leave immediately anyway, I can surely spare a good half hour or so at least…

The others give me a bit of a funny look when I join them a little late, and in a great mood, but I brush by it all, get right down to business and hop in our APC. We’re getting airlifted to the convoy and going to be dropped in range to catch up with them on the road! Awesome!

From way above, Ray spots the convoy and sees several trucks and bikes… we take a deep breath as we’re clearly outnumbered, but it’s time to see how this new tech handles…

We are dropped and quickly catch up with the convoy since Wayne can drive faster than they can. They immediately realize we’re a threat (Perhaps it was the brotherhood APC that gave it away) and the bikers break off to try to surround us. I pop up the hatch on top of the APC and start trying to take out bikers with my fancy new energy weapons. Ray, Katherine, and I take out the bikers before they get too many shots off at all… and Jack up in the front seat took one out of the fight as well by lifting them straight off their motorcycle! Franklin was shooting at the large troop carrier in front of us and his spent rounds were going everywhere. Damn that gun goes through some bullets…

Wayne closes in with the troop carrier in front of us and turns on the heat… he fires two flamethrowers at the troop carrier in front of us and burns all the guys inside! Shortly after he’s able to do it again and, with all the bullets from Franklin too, not only do the troops inside all burn but the vehicle is completely wrecked as well.

The other trucks start shooting rockets and throwing grenades back at us and our APC is getting pretty beat up, but we’re able to take out one of the trucks and kill the soldiers in both of the others. It’s down to just us and 2 trucks being driven away towards their base when we see a huge pile of junk smack dab in the middle of the road in front of us. Their lead vehicle avoids it but the other one smacks straight into it and explodes — as they had a bunch of explosives on board… Wayne slams into the side of this mess as well and we end up taking a hit from the explosion of the other truck. On top of that … my leg is broken.

Wayne continues his chase while the rest of us attempt to fix everything that just happened. Jack is apparently able to repair the vehicle while it’s on the road, which is impressive. Franklin is able to fix his own broken bones but ends up hurting me when he tries… I end up fixing my own leg. So much for having a combat medic right? We exchange some first aid and again this “combat medic” is lacking in basic first aid skills? I see why he got sent to us… We radio back to base that one truck from the convoy got away from us so we are concerned that our surprise assault won’t be a surprise anymore and ask if they can send any assistance.

We arrive at the target base and pile out of the APC — Wayne doesn’t want to risk it in combat again — and start running towards their base. They have a tank! With no one in sight I start running towards the tank hoping we can take it over or take it out before it can be used against us. I don’t get very far at all until an alarm goes off and people start piling out of all the buildings… some of them towards that damn tank.

Meanwhile, Lance squad’s APC arrives and several of them pile out right in the middle of the open between 4 of the enemy buildings. The rest come and join us and park their APC to use as cover.

My first shot at an enemy with my new plasma rifle was very satisfying. I couldn’t see its effects too well during the high speed chase, but this guy’s armor just melted away and it really did look just like the way the medallion had melted. Plasma at work. But there was a lot more work to do, as, even counting Lance squad, we were probably outnumbered 6 or 8 to one.

At first things were going very well — Lance squad was taking out enemies and not even getting much return fire. We were behind an enemy transport and the brotherhood APC so we weren’t taking many shots ourselves and we were able to take out probably a third of their army with no real damage to ourselves. A great start and I guess we did catch them mostly by surprise.

Just as a large group was starting to get to us and their tank was turning to face us, the Eldar himself showed up in the huge virtibird! They quickly unleashed hell and destroyed the tank in one salvo as well as taking out probably a dozen men who were bearing down on us!

But the battle wasn’t over yet! They still had probably half their men alive, and they had some bigger guns get close and into range. We had a squad of them in front of us with very strong armor… even my new fancy guns couldn’t take them out quickly. Lance squad was getting surrounded and pelted with ammunition and I saw one of them fall. Trusting in my new armor, I ran towards them and starting shooting enemies who were focused on Lance squad — they needed a distraction! I took out one of their shooters but exposed myself to much of their army in doing so.

And here is where my armor really shined. I probably got hit by 60 or 80 rounds and I felt nothing at all. I felt like I was invincible to these puny gnats they called machine guns and just stayed out in the open attacking to save Lance squad. Being the real medics they are, they got their fallen member back on their feet. With us being more spread out on the battlefield now and no huge concentration of enemies, the Eldar moved to go protect our APC from bikers who were approaching it — although Wayne, Franklin, Katherine, and Jack took care of them.

From here the combat was mostly over… and every one of us was still standing. Man this armor is badass.

We report back what has happened — although the Eldar saw it anyway — but the brotherhood sends quite a few more troops down here and finds some technology they are interested in in one of the buildings. Then they make a base right here where the enemies were.

We are praised for our victory and promoted to full Paladins and we have gotten so much equipment from the fighting that we can mostly afford anything they have to offer us. I pick up a Precision Gatling Laser as it’s longer range and burst ability could be useful. I also get a night sight for it just in case we need to fight at night…

The morning after the brotherhood got set up at this new base, the damn nazi army attacked OUR base this time. We awoke at dawn to the sounds of explosions and several of the defenders for the brotherhood were already dead! We piled into the APC and headed out to confront the attackers.

I got into position at the top hatch of the APC and looked at what was coming at us with the binoculars. I saw three big tanks and what must have been a dozen transport trucks!

Fortunately, we had firepower and tanks of our own! Those trucks were driving at us faster than I’ve seen anything move so far and were quickly on top of us. My new gatling laser seemed effective against them, and while it couldn’t take down a vehicle by itself quickly it definitely did some damage… With all of our forces fighting back we were able to take out most of their trucks before they arrived.

…Hearing the huge THUDBOOM!!!! from the tanks was a humbling experience for me… like maybe they were now the gods on this battlefield and we were now the gnats. The tanks did most of the work destroying the incoming vehicles…

However, two of their trucks made it through, and it was right when their tanks were in range of most of our forces as well! They were also able to unload a truck out front so it was going to be quite a firefight there… They had forced us into fighting on two fronts as we needed to take out the trucks before they could get to the technology in our base as well as deal with the tanks and troops out front! The other squad orders us to go take care of the trucks that made it through, so Wayne heads that way… in an interesting fashion…

He had some… questionable driving during the battle but I stayed in the top hatch shooting at whatever I could. First he drove TOWARDS the big tanks which did enable us to get some good shots off on some of the trucks. Then as he saw the trucks make it through our front line he went BACKWARDS to chase them… then he did this wild backwards turn and once I got my bearings again I saw he was forming up to fry the enemy troops with his flamethrowers.

Katherine and I were still in the top hatch trying to take down any we could, but these troops were all in some nice armor and it took both of us focusing on one enemy to take them down quickly… and there were something like 20 of them! They kept firing all these rockets at the APC and it wasn’t doing so hot, and I know Wayne couldn’t be doing so good either as those explosive blasts to the front of the vehicle often injure those in the front seat as well! I drop down from the hatch to check on them and jab both Wayne and Jack with a stimpack to keep them going. Wayne has to keep the APC there in the middle of taking a ton of rocket fire in order to keep those flamethrowers going… I am very concerned with the state of the APC and I bail out.

As I bail out, I see that two of our battle tanks have come to assist… and Wayne’s flamethrowers have just taken out maybe 15 of the enemy. Katherine and I maybe got 4 of them, leaving another 5 or 6 left which the tanks and Wayne and Jack quickly finish off.

I run back to check on the other front of the battle and see that our new combat medic dropout has dropped and Ray isn’t in good condition either, even with his fancy new armor. Ray explains all the rockets coming their way and I get to work trying to fix up Frank here. Even with some great medical technology I wasn’t able to do enough, but Wayne hops down from his APC and is able to find just the right spot to use epinephrine and Franklin’s pulse comes back. He will be okay.

I start to work on cleaning up the battlefield with the other brotherhood members and then we report in. The brotherhood is again grateful for our assistance and very glad we all made it alive. They tell us of a group called the Gun Runners who are on their radar now who seem to have advanced technology… more advanced than their own. Maybe they have been working with these Nazi’s? They sure did have better equipment when they attacked us than when we attacked them…

In other news, Wayne hasn’t been a problem since that last incident. And maybe he actually felt bad. But his driving and his flamethrowers saved us today… maybe I’ll give him another chance.

Session 16 xp

I am the Victor Squad medic.

I have joined my new Squad there not what I expected. Wayne is a borderline psychotic, and the others have little character to mention, However I find this Steven Vault Dweller to be my kind of guy weathering an explosive on his arm like that is impressive at least That is what I am told.

Are First mission was to take out a supply convoy and then the base it was to supply, This was the victors squad first drop in there APC as I sat in the back I could see that some of them where a little on edge but the drop was exacted perfectly and the chase was on. The convoy was caught off guard and we smashed there defenses, it was a brutal on the run battle and we opened up with my baby, plasma flamers and energy fire as well as some other heavy destroying all but one of the convoy truck but damaging it to the point I doubt it would hold any value for the Snzi’s whats so ever.

The battle was costly I broke my arms and Ray his leg I managed to fix my arm well enough but… I ahh… kind of jammed rays broken limb, it was an honest mistake. After all I’m more of a doctor then a nurse right. We met up with my fellow lances Squad mates and got feather healing and preformed a two prong assault on the compound. We called in for back up as we had taken a great deal of damage, in hind sight we could have accomplished it with out the aid of the Elders fantastic air support… but that tank exploding was soooo pretty. The lance Squad did very well there laser Gatling guns taking out many of the ground troops three of my brothers stood back to back on the far side of the compound and decimated the zombie troops I will admit was was a bit less then useful as my baby was low on munitions and and was to far back to get any food targets, but there was more then one Snzi that fell to the hail of my gun fire that day.

With the mission a complete and stunning success we doctored are wounds, repaired the Apc back to normal and as a break from consistent battle so we linked with brimstone Squad to set up a defenses around the captured facility. The brothers needed to know what the enemy was up to and we got much need supplies and ammunition, my baby Is well fed and ready to dish out the damage to the enemy.

The attack hit heavy and fast but are defenses was near iron clad the many transport where smashed before even being able to unload there troops however one speed throw our tank line and manage to unload its troop in front of the facility and another in front of are line to kill some brothers Ray and my self stayed In the front to prevent any farther penetration, as the rest of Victor Squad used the APC as a mobile attack platform and managed to turn them selves around to use its paired flamethrowers to defend the facility, the smell of cooking snzi filled the air that night.

Toward the end, as we where mopping up the last of the snzi tanks and there heavy troopers Ray had taken some rockets and weathered it well, but fell back to inject him self with some stim-packs to keep him self standing, when the snzi tried to fire more rockets… I took them…and then died.

I awoke Wayne had brought me back and I found I know own him a life dept, as long as I live I will protect him and render aid to him first if I can. He has turned out to be a true brother of steel.

Session 16 xp

After rejoining with the Brotherhood, we were sent out to breakup a supply convoy. The first part of the fight was a total blur, and the first thing I can really remember is Wayne nearly killing us by hitting a very large obstacle in the roadway, allowing one of the trucks to get away.

We radioed back to head quarters, and we asked for some support before attacking their base. Wayne was afraid to take the Victory machine into combat, so we left it behind one of the buildings and ran the rest of the way in just as the Lance squad came rolling in. We caught them by surprise, but they rallied quickly, and dozens of men and zombies came pouring out of the barracks. At first I was sure we were going to die here, then I noticed the bullets were just bouncing off of my new armor. Gotta love technology!

We were cutting them down pretty well, when a large engine came to life, and the enemy tank started to move forward. We continued to cut down the enemy, and maneuvering behind trucks to keep the tanks guns from coming to bear on us. Just as I was thinking we were going to have to tackle that tank, I picked up an odd whirring coming from the distance, and then in swoops a massive vertibird, piloted by the Elder himself!

With the last few enemy dispatched, the Elder informed us that we needed to defend this town, as one of the buildings housed an advanced research facility. We were left with a small force of initiates and squires, and several tanks. We set up a picket line, and turned in for some much needed rest. BAMMMM! We were awoken at dust by several mortar shells exploding on our position. We rolled out of bed and ran for the Victory machine. Wayne got it fired up just as a large force of Nazi trucks and tanks came rolling down the road.

Our tanks started firing, and since I wasn’t quite sure what Wayne had in mind, I hopped out and starting running over to help out our infantry. I wasn’t quite sure where I would best be used, and kept running around one of our buildings trying to find a target. Finally Franklin and I teamed up and we started engaging a squad of the enemy. Man these guys are tough. Franklin kept getting knocked down, and had a hard time firing back. We were eventually able to drive these guys back and moved over the fight the next group.

This may not have been a great idea, and I got hit by several volleys of missiles, and had to fall back. Unfortunately for Franklin, they turned there missiles on him, and he didn’t fair too well. I think he may have been killed. I stepped up to protect his body and kept firing at the enemy. Luckily Shawn blew up the last tank and started cutting down these last few soldiers. I stopped hearing shots from the other side where the rest of our squad went, and ran over to find Steve to check on Franklin. Steve and Wayne showed up, and started using Franklin’s medical equipment to bring him back around.

Once Franklin was conscious again, we surveyed the damage. We lost a lot of good men defending this facility, I sure hope it was worth it. We received a communication from the Elder, we needed to go find a group called the Gun Runners, and enlist their aid in the upcoming battle. Apparently they have some advanced weapons that even the Brotherhood doesn’t have.

Session 16 xp
Taloswind Taloswind

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