Fallout - Vault 53

Session 17 EXP.

Adventure Log: 10,000 Xp

MVP Award: Overheated: You can choose the have your energy weapons in an overheated state, The process takes more power, (2 cells per shot) but does an additional 15 points of damage (per shot)

Using this perk takes 30 minutes to modify your weapon.


10,000 Xp


Pipboy Entry 072513

..I’m not sure why I keep writing that into my journal since I no longer have the thing, it just seems right…

Big Ugly Beasts with Razor Claws… and some Gun Runners

Well the brotherhood packed our APC full of fancy high tech gear and sent us on our way southwards to meet up with a group called the Gun Runners, so off we went.

While driving, all of a sudden the ground fell out from under us and Wayne had gotten the APC stuck. It seemed the ground itself was falling out from under us. We all got out and started pushing, pulling, and gathering rocks to get more traction for the APC to get it unstuck…. all the while these huge beasts that Franklin had some horror stories about were watching us from afar.

As we continued working on the APC, they continued getting closer… but slowly. There were dozens of them… and one HUUGE one… Eventually, with the APC still stuck and the creatures closing in, we decided to just make a run for it. They had left an open spot to the south… and south was the way we were headed anyway.

We ran into a crevasse between two sheer cliffs because we had no other option, but I was careful and I didn’t think anyone was going to be shooting down at us from the high ground as you don’t want the low ground in a gun fight… But anyway we kept on running and these creatures kept following us.

Eventually, we got to this big grey building that was placed in the crevasse in such a way that we could not avoid it even if we wanted to. It appeared to have some interesting technology outside as it looked like there were quite a few automatically aiming and shooting machine gun turrets deterring anyone or anything from approaching.

We moved as close as we thought it was safe from their automated defenses and yelled inside for help. Not long later, these creatures caught up with us and attacked! Feeling a bit surrounded, I stood my ground and tried to see how fast I could shoot my gatlin laser at them. I was rather excited when the gatling laser seemed to melt right through their outer armor and take them out quickly. If these guys were this weak, why was Franklin so afraid of them from his stories?

Then, I found out why. Wayne and Frank and Katherine were barely able to hurt these guys. It appears their armor was barely touched by their bullets… so this fight would be up to my gatling laser and Ray’s plasma rifle it seemed… Their claws seemed to pierce right through our power armor and they were actually able to hurt us… After seeing this armor in action I didn’t think anything could cut it so easily but apparently those claws are razor sharp…

Fortunately my gatlin laser was killing one every time I fired it and the combat didn’t last too long. Ray and Franklin got slashed up a good bit but some medical attention came right after and they would be fine. Also, when these creatures were dead, it appeared the automated defenses shut off…. so we approached the building.

Inside we found what we were looking for, the gun runners, almost by accident. We spent a long time explaining who we were and what our adventures had been and why we were seeking them out. They seemed a very interesting group… they just wanted to be able to do their research in solitude but these creatures had been attacking them and they were afraid for their lives. In exchange for us helping them with those creatures, they would help us out with some high tech gear.

First things first, we needed to retrieve the advanced equipment we left back in the APC. Due to some good driving by Wayne and Jack, this wasn’t a problem as we were able to borrow two faster cars from the Gun Runners and retrieve the equipment without much trouble.

The gun runners were excited about this equipment, and even said it would let them fix up a virtibird so that they could fly out of here if they needed. We spoke briefly with them about what we may want created from this new equipment as part of our bargain, but they said we still needed to go deal with these creatures which they called “Death claws”.

So, long story shorter, we did. We set out on foot, not wanting to get caught in more sink holes, towards where they said the death claw lair was. Unfortunately it was a big system of caves… we don’t see too well in the dark. I led the way most of the time looking through the night scope on my gun to see the farthest. We ran into several groups of these deathclaws including some who looked really small like maybe they were children… We killed every one we saw for what seemed like quite some time, we must have blasted through 20 of them or so….

Then we came upon this older one who seemed a bit frail and slow. It came at us very slowly and much less aggressively than the others… and it was by itself… so I figured I would try to talk to it. Amazingly, it spoke back just fine. We had no idea these things could talk!! It told us a bit of a story about the deathclaws who used to be under it’s control, but it’s daughter took over the clan and was in an aggressive war with any humans that came near. If we could only take out this daughter, peace could be restored and this old looking deathclaw could take over once more and be in control.

Fair enough, we came to end this war and kill some deathclaws, so we agreed and headed towards this daughter. We were also told that if we could kill the queen without injuring any more of their children that it would be best…

Not too much farther into the cave we came upon this queen and maybe 6 or 8 of her very young children. We immediately struck out and attacked! I shot my laser at this queen… The children looked like they were rushing us and Wayne hit one with what I sure do hope was crossfire as he was … I think… aiming at the queen. Anyway, it survived his shots (Their armor sure deflects bullets well!) and it turns out the children were simply running past us away from the fight! With just us and the queen left, my gatlin laser and Ray’s plasma rifle were able to take it down before she could cause too much damage to us. Go energy weapons…

We reported back to the frail deathclaw and were assured that peace would be restored. We headed back to the gun runners who were thrilled that we were successful and gave us the gear we had requested earlier. There was some talk of us getting that virtibird also but it wasn’t ready yet…

We reported back in with the brotherhood, who lead us to where the next conflict will be on the way to the nazi home base…

Session 17 EXP.

So, where was i? Oh yeah of course, we were headed to those gun running guys.

We headed there, driving nicely on the road, headed straight into the treacherous mountains.

Steve was up there with me, we haven’t always seen eye to eye Steve and me, but he’s a good co-pilot, gotta give him that. We spotted a group of NSZI scouts on the way, but decided our mission was more important than taking them out and risking having other ones coming to us.

Not long afterwards, we were just driving and then i felt the truck… sinking into the ground, didn’t know there was quicksand in those lands, we were in a pickle, people started getting out to figure out what to do about the truck when Ray said he saw a bunch of forms coming straight for us, having us almost surrounded, we tried to get the car off but it wasn’t working and the things were getting real close, we dumped the car and started running, Franklin was behind, the guy was so slow, i wasn’t waiting for him.

After running for what seemed like a long time, we saw some steel building off in the distance, as we ran closer, we noticed some turrets on the building that seemed to be auto-targetting and killing rats, that stopped us dead in our tracks, we were not stuck inbetween a mob of monsters and a building that shoots things.

We started hearing these things all around us, and then it happened, they started dropping from all around and running at us, we started shooting at them, it seemed like our bullets were barely hurting them, laser was another story, it was shredding through these lizardy things. After a bit, we had taken all of them out and the door to the steel building opened up, inviting us inside.

Once inside, we met with all the good gun runner people, Steve started telling them all their story from their vault origins, took a long ass time, i think i dozed off during that whole convoy part, something about them blowing up the place? I don’t know.

Anyways, the runners offered us assistance as we needed if we could manage to help them out of there and get them the supplies we were bringin them too. That’s what we did, we took off with their cars, up to mine, loaded it up with their shit and brought it to them. Took us two trips to make it but we weren’t attacked by the beasts. The runners were pretty happy, they said that with those things they could probably upgrade our armor, weapons and even fix that vertibird they got.

Next up was to allow them to leave this place, i’m a little hazy about that part casue the guys discussed it for hours while i was making out with Jack but, in the end, they decided that we should head to the deathclaws (that’s what they called them) nest and take them out at the source.

We headed there on foot, wasn’t too long of a trip. When we got there we saw a big hole in the mountain, or a cave as we call them, we went in. Hearing these things breath was kind of freaky, but it was nothing compared to actually fighting them, tunnel after tunnel, filled with these things, we saw quite a few different types of them too, a giant one, a green one that seemed to poison Steve and so on.

A special one we encountered actually killed me, i never saw the thing and then SCRATCH, i could feel it’s claws digging into my chest, i tried to shoot it but it didn’t go down, it quickly knocked me out and apparently i died, Franklin brought me back after the fight though, and we went on our merry way.

After a long day, we encountered an old one, it was looking decrepit and weak. It extended it’s arm up in the air, in what we assumed was a sign of peace.

Steve did the same and he started talking to the thing, the weird thing is, it answered. Holy shit these things can speak? Who knew, it told us that the deathclaws used to want peace but that since that one’s daughter took over, they got crazy and started killing people, we came to the conclusion that if we killed her daughter, it’d stop the hostilities. The old one told us where she was located and we headed there. We found her, amidst what seemed like a sea of babies, they all started running towards us, igot a little freaked out but we HAD been told not to attack the babies, so i shot for the mommy, sadly a kid got in the way of my bullets and got hit badly, it was fine though, it didn’t die. The surprising thing is the babies just kept on running past us, towards the old one i assume. We kept on firing at the big mommy and quickly enough, it went down.

With that done, we returned to the gun runner’s, they welcomed us with great happiness and promised us that as soon as they could, they’d send us new weapons, armors and even give me… oh god that’s areal exciting part, give me the Vertibird! I could barely believe it, but we had to go back, war was waiting. We drove back after spending a week waiting for our new guns, the situation back home was a real warzone at this point… to be continued

Session 17 EXP.
Taloswind Taloswind

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