Fallout - Vault 53

The Brotherhood Mobile Base

After radioing back to the brotherhood camp you are instructed to head to a set quadrant to meed up with your fellow brothers.

The location is off the road quite a ways and is a rough ride to initially get there.

Upon arrival you find multiple large tent like buildings as well as a fully mobilised brotherhood.

Also to your surprise you find Pike and his robot comrade along with them, offering his wares at brotherhood rates but only trading for caps.

“Cats out of the bag now, eh brothers… I suppose i should explain me initial deception. I was tasked with searching the wastes of men and women of note, and to help aid them into beacons for other wast landers to follow. What ever caps i Made i was to redistribute to towns to help protect themselves. but alas the brotherhood name carries a weighted past, and as such We could not aid the waste landers openly.” Pike says to you with a smile.

“I am sorry my prices were set high to help distribute power from the strong to the weak, as you can Imagen the consequences were you not as friendly as you were. a group such as yours could have been a terror to the wastes.”

Pike’s store prices have changed based on your current rank. he also has 2 million caps he has been hoarding should you need to lighten your load.

Repairing the APC costs you 6000 caps to fully restore it to prime condition, upgrading said vehicle costs additional caps as well.


Taloswind Taloswind

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