Fallout - Vault 53

The Return to Volvo

Upon Returning to Volvo, The party is greeted with a thick plume of smoke. The battlements have been badly damaged and the Guards have lessened in number, Outside two brotherhood paladins stand stationed at the gate and greet you in passing.

“Looks like those bastards struck faster then we expected…” one of the paladins day as you walk forward.

Morgan greets you as you arrive. “them brotherhood boys sure pack a punch, I only wish there was more of them here when we were attacked. Seems some of those Nazi bastards decided to attempt to take the city by force shortly after you left. We sealed the doors and attempted to fight them off, but under the siege we were out numbered and losing.”

Morgan says as he itches at one of his new scares. “Your Brotherhood friends showed up after a bit, in some sort of flying contraption and by golly jumped down and started defending the gates. the enemy retreated and they stationed a few fellas here to make sure we held out ok.”


Taloswind Taloswind

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