Samuel Rodriguez

A swave man that sometimes runs his mouth a little to much.


Tall and as handsome as one can get in a wasteland with slicked back dark hair and a winning if a bit cheeky smile.


Samuel Rodriguez, more commonly called Sam was born, we to be blunt he doesn’t know when or where he was born only that he is in his late 20s to early 30s. Sam being young and pretty was picked up by slavers to be collared and sold. As luck would have it sam was not just pretty but smart he asked a lot of questions knowing his pretty face would be spared as it would fetch a better price unmarked ( even if he was kicked in the side a lot) and generally made a pest of himself when the collar man and guard turned there backs, Skinny little Samuel Rodriguez wriggled out of his cuffs and ran like hell, sliding into a ditch and hiding in the roach infested sewer for days and days until they stopped lookin’ for him. Sam Slipped away from the sewers and wondered the waist till he was picked up by some ghoul refugees running from some humans that just don’t take kindly to their ghoulish appearances but they had food and clean…ish water and Sam was just too far gone in both hunger and thirst to care. His new family taught him all kinds of things, like ready and how to write basic mathematics but the two most important things was how to shoot… and how to talk. Sam was always witty and chatty but the Ghoul called Big moe taught him how to Con and sweet talk, how to even with out a pretty face get food, water or a fair prices for their goods when most people didn’t care to deal with Ghouls. But like all things light came knocking and Big moe was killed by some Raiders that attack there camp in the night there leader a somewhat attractive woman ( if you like girls with bald heads and spike’s piercings all up there skull attractive) call herself Carmilla the Queen of nailed saw the 15 year old sam for the attractive man he was and took him under her wing and she taught him well things that need not be spoken of right this moment. Sam was revolted to be the Queens little bitch and the slaves made his stomach roll as they were too young to be worked so hard cultivating the meager farm and digging out there “base” and the punish ment… was to be stewed alive for supper for any slave that didn’t work hard enough. Sammy stayed less than 2 months before he set his plan into motion. First he traded some old pron mags he found to one of the drugged out raiders for a couple hits of a powerful relaxant he had he waited till nightfall when Carmilla would come for his Nightly performances and he slide her a bottle of beer… you can guess what was in that piss warm stale beer. Once she was out cold Sam took her Favorite rifle Snuck out to the slave pens and freed them all with the collar key it was easy to get the explosive collars off and with them explosives well… he set of one hell of a distraction and ran like hell with the kids into the waste again. This time Sam and his little gang managed to make it to Great falls. some of the people were nice to the poor starved youngins but mostly the metted out a meager living. The kids where beg or take odd jobs and sammy well sammy would use his skills to scam some caps here and there or talk some the older ladies in to share a little food. and the old building they cleaned out was letting a lot of the cold in, one by one the kids joined some of the street gangs, Died from hunger or disease and some just disappeared. Sammy a little crushed by the lost Sam didn’t know what to do. but one of the cattle barons need a ranch hand and sam ever the opportunist even when depressed talked his way into the job even with better qualified men trying to get the position a move that made him none too popular. 7 or so years passed Sam with his belly full every day and a blanket to wrap up in at night was getting a little bit more of the “sweet” life he promised to himself that he would get. BUT then again….. Life sometimes deals you that onces and a lifetime chance.. and with the fat overbearing and old baron was away on business ( most likely smoking cigars and whoring about) left his young wife all alone. Sam couldn’t help but find the pretty little thing attractive and well his mouth ( and other things) lead him to have an affair with her After all she was married to an overbearing slob and Sammy was handsome young and than the baron was and well one thing lead to another. BUT he was careful and his boss never suspicion sent him on an important cattle drive, things are looking up for Sam!

Samuel Rodriguez

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