Steve seemed like a special kid growing up, usually just a little smarter or faster or more clever than those around him, and he was always able to puzzle out the best way of tackling strange problems that no one else ever thought about. However, he was often overconfident in his abilities and perhaps did not study as strongly as everyone else, just figuring he can “wing it” and goofing off when others were busy learning. And, as fortune would have it, this usually worked out just fine.

Once reaching adulthood, he did eventually take the basic firearms class the security team offered, and also worked with the doc for a short time to get the hang of the first aid kits. He also found an old book about the wilderness and how to survive on the outside — being his only form of knowledge of the world outside, he’s read and re-read that book several times, and he’s starting to take life more seriously… when it suits him.

Steve never did make too many friends growing up in the vault, he just didn’t seem to get along with anyone too well. He tried to have fun and play some pranks, but in the end it only alienated himself as they were a bit mean and apparently only funny to him. His parents encouraged him to study all the time, but he knew just about everything they were trying to teach him anyway, and he moved out as soon as he could to his own quarters and doesn’t often speak to his parents anymore.

Steve has wondered through parts of the vault at night alone, and is familiar with some of the less used maintenance areas both due to his job on the repair team and his general curiosity and sense of exploration… but the Vault is only so big. Steve wants to get out and explore the world outside!


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