Wayne was born of a wasteland mechanic and a particularly scholarly woman.

That odd union resulted in Wayne, a smart young man with a knack for mechanics. He spent his life working along with his dad in his garage in Volvo. He loved it there, he was passionate of the workings of cars and other motorized vehicles. He would spend his days dreaming about the past, where cars were a common sight around the world, and machines would even fly.

As a passion project, he undertook the reconstruction of an old nuka truck. Not the fastest vehicle, but Wayne always thought that one day, he’d take it, fill it with supplies and hit the road in the search of a greener pasture, well, at least somewhere actually green… and not irradiated green either.

That day came sooner than he thought, whilst he was off driving around town, his father had a terrible accident and blew up the garage, killing himself and his wife in the process. Wayne, now alone and without a garage to earn his pay, spent whatever he had left on a new armor, a good gun and a few supplies before hitting the road, in search of greener pastures.


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