Fallout - Vault 53

Fix the Water Purifiers, what could possibly go wrong?

After wading through a horde of Deathclaws, we finally made it to the Gun runners base, but I am getting ahead of myself..

Today was a day just like all of the others, I woke up in the room I share with Tom, and we headed to breakfast, where we met up with the rest of our team, Riley and Natasha. We ran into Bonnie in the hall, and she told us she was planning on throwing a party, but needed some booze. After breakfast, I went over and had a cup of coffee with Tommy and Myles, not exactly friends, but they hate me less then everyone else in the Vault. We found out from Katherine that Lee was hurt while repairing the water purification units in the reactor room, and we would probably be working there today. Tom and Riley went to talk to Lee to find out what happened to him, and discovered something attacked him. I stayed and talked with the Rats for a while before meeting up with the team for work.

We got to the first purifier and fixed it, twice, I accidentally pulled the wrong wires out. We went looking for the next machine, when we heard some scuffling coming from one of the air vents, and this giant, hideous bug came crawling out and attacked us. I was totally shocked, and went to hit it with my crowbar and slipped in some of its bile, and hit the floor. I got up and we eventually killed the creature, when we noticed other scurrying sounds coming from all around. At this point we decided to pull out our guns and after some hectic fighting, managed to defeat them and went back up to the main level, and brought a bug with us to show everybody what was found. Riley and I went straight to sickbay and Doc patched us up.

At this point, we all went around talking to people trying to get additional equipment and supplies to finish the job. I went to Ida, Doc and Jaime, and the best I came up with was 3 stimpacks from Doc. Meanwhile Tom was running around like a chicken with his head cut off, talking to everyone from the Overseer to Norman, and he managed to work out a deal where Norman worked on his rifle and Katherine gave him a handgun and some ammo.

We went back to work, and found a giant cockroach bigger than me! All four of us concentrated fire on it, while it spat venom at us and two other radroaches kept poking us with their pinchers. The battle was fast but furious, and after our foes were defeated we fixed all of the purifiers, and closed up the hole in the air vent they came from.

Tom went to Keith to procure some alcohol, but Keith just laughed in his face! Then Natasha sauntered over and managed to convince Keith to hand over some of his Bathtup Mint Juleps. Thus supplied, Bonnie was able to throw her party, and all was going well until the Rats started a fight with Lee…

Experience for Session 1

Experience for Session 1:

655 xp

Experience for Rocking the Vault with Norman:

100 xp to Tom

Rocking the Vault:
Well you did it, in the first couple for sessions in this game you managed to have sex with another vault dweller. You don’t gain any major benefits for this perk, just 100 xp for your exploits and another notch on your pip boy. and hey at least you know everyone in the vault is clean… ish…


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