Fallout - Vault 53

Session 13 MVP

Split vote for David and Carl, so you both win!

But the effectiveness of both the perk and the xp is halved.

+5 Dmg when shooting form a vehicle


1500 XP

Session 13

Adventure Log: 1500 xp


Karmic Perk

Road Rage:
+10 dmg while shooting from a vehicle? wtf? why so serious?


3000 xp

Hard choices!!

Session 12

Adventure Log Xp 1500

MVP: Reward Split Vote

Katherine seems more experianced

Karmic Perk: NUKA Fanatic (everybody loves nuka cola!),
When you sre under the effects of Nuka cola you gain twice the AP bonus.


1000 xp

Session 11 Rewards

Adventure log: 400xp
MVP: 500xp (NPC’s Level if chosen)

New characters come in at lvl 6, with a back story reward of up to 2000 xp

Session 10 Adventure Log

What was a quite normal day in Conroy soon erupted into chaos as the air filled with a scream followed with gunfire.

The group of vault dweller ran with pike and the sheriff to investigate only to find 5 bodies laying around a sewer manhole. The angry voices of the men and women of Conroy filled the air, and tensions were high as the towns folk argued about what to do next.

Tom took the the time to investigate what happened, apparently the 4 creatures came out of the sewers and attacked Charlie the inn keeper and Linda while they were in the streets.

The townsfolk came to Linda’s Aid, but unfortunately were too late for poor Charlie.

Tom suggested that he and the others go and investigate to once again save the town.

The mayor agreed to this but offered the additional aid of the town to help bolster the ranks of the party.

Only General Tao was wise enough to realise that the sewer’s tight confines could be problematic to a large group, and advised no more then 6 people head down there at one time. should a cave in happen any larger group would surly perish before a rescue attempt could be manned.

Tom and Ray agreed to this and quickly assessed the combat skills of the town.

In the end Tom, Ray, Fenrir (the Merc), Jerry (the Sheriff) Margaret and Katherine headed down into the depths.

The air was dank and filled with a strange blackened mist that made vision more difficult then normal. The sheriff cracked a flare, and the party ventured forth.

Killing the Zombie like creatures was easy enough, they were fast, but dumb and would often chase after the closest target rather then the easiest to kill.

in small numbers the party mopped them up very easy, using range to their advantage. but the few times the creatures closed, the effects were devastating, Tom Died, his corpse dragged to town for aid.

Danielle, spoke privately with General Tao, who happily agreed to use his expensive Defibrillator on Tom in attempts to resurrect him, in exchange for her company for the night.

The Operation was a success and Tom was as good as new, minus the electrical burns on his chest.

Danielle was subjected to playing Brahmin Dice topless for the evening, but eventually won back her own clothes and even a few caps for her trouble.

The party then decided to rest up and attempt the Sewers again the following day.

Tao was now offering free healing to the party should they make it to the surface alive. And lived up to his word, as the party returned to his shop a few times for patching up.

venturing further into the sewers The group found an old spillway door, and a console, Katherine managed to hack the terminal for Tom, who then attempted to open the door. his attempt was a success, but the console broke in its final operation, forever leaving the door open.

Further investigation showed more zombies, and another console. Despite a badly injured party, and the fact the Sheriff had left for the topside some time ago the party decided to attempt to open the door.

Katherine once again hacked it, and with Ray’s attempts managed to flood the chamber with toxic goo.

Now separated and surrounded with goo, Ray and tom figured opening a door couldn’t hurt. Its not like the creatures haven’t been getting tougher the further into the sewers they ventured.


The North door opens, revealing to Tom, not only 5 more zombies, but also a large brutish looking one with fists the size of his head!

The party went into immediate retreat mode, but were cornered. Ray attempted opening the other door, hoping for a quick escape, but only found a room filled with more zombies, and the sound of a powerful energy weapon charging up.

Ray yelled to Margaret who in turn used the console to close the door. Just in time too as the door started getting very warm as if something was heating it from the other side.

Katherine Told the party to turn off their lights, and used her remaining ammo to lure the creatures off into the darkness.

Katherine was barley able to keep out of reach of the Zombie creatures as she activated her light and used sound to lure them further from her friends.

Tom and ray, left in darkness and fearful of their lives braved the toxic good to return home, leaving their allies behind in the dark sewers.

Returning to the surface the two went to Tao for healing to find him exhausted from his previous attempts.

Tom attempts to talk him into giving them medical supplies, but instead is offered a game of chance, betting caps for meds, Tom and Ray played against the skilled Tao, who got cocky and soon lost his lead.

Tom beat Tao, and the two dwellers drugged them selves up before petitioning the town for more bodies to join their cause.

Tom’s attempts at convinces the town fell on some deaf ears, who did not like hearing how they left three of their allies down in that pit to die.

A few others remained, and Tom took Josh, the body builder and Mary Anne into the Sewers

Finding Katherine was easy enough, hours later she was exhausted and still being chased by the zombies.

Mary Anne started shooting her strange gun, and the zombies started breaking into a strange Spasm like in the Michael Jackson Thriller video.

Josh was pretty useful at punching zombies, and even punched right through the eye of the big brute zombie.

Sadly Marry Anne Crit missed and hit Josh instead with the spasm gun, and he too joined the dance. unable to defend himself, he got jacked up by the zombies.

The party killed the rest of the creatures, but Josh had enough, being dropped down to 2 hp, and being shot by his own allies was enough to send him to town.

The party ventured forth and found Margaret and Fenrir still alive. Apparently they were too weak to attempt the Toxic goo, so instead they stayed put.

The party Travelled to town and Rested up, taking Tao up on his healing once more.

the next day they found Fenrir would not join them any more, as he did not like being left for dead (despite the fact the party came back fro him)

Finally Pike took charge, handing out much needed supplies and ammo to the party saying that he would venture forth with them and help them kill all the damned zombies down there.

Now properly armed, with Reinforced Chem boots the group travelled down and started to slaughter the zombies once more, Pike’s added aid, helped mop up the lesser creatures easily

eventually the group came back to the Goo Filled Room, the door now glowing a strange Green as it was partly melted. Something was trying to escape from its confines.

Attempts at using the console now failed as the mechanics were ceased from the constant attacks on it.

Pike planted some C4, and BOOM!

The group stayed back luring the zombies out one at a time, until finally there was just the glowing one shooting green radioactive shit at them.

The group charged in, Most seeking shelter, while Ray and Tom stood in the open.

for a few seconds things seemed to be looking All right for the group, as they exchanged shots with the glowing creature. But Fate had it in for poor Tom, as the Glowing Zombie took aim and Fired his Radiated Plasma gun at Tom’s Manhood.

You know how they make you wear a lead shield over your junk when getting an X-ray to keep you from going sterile? well Tom had no such protection.. as the shot critically hit him for 80 damage, Bits of Plasma and Tom’s Genitals Rained over Ray as tom fell down dead.

The group decided to avenge Tom, and thought of his potential children by shooting lots of bullets at the glowing bastard.

Katherine rained 10 shots into the creature, and Pike astounded Ray as he unleashed not 1 but 2 bursts from his M-16 Assault Rifle.

The Glowing bastard died.

Sadness washed over the group as the all felt for poor Tom.

Pike finally broke the silence “Well since we are down here might as well look around…”

Ray agreed, and soon found another console, and two Lockers.

Ignoring the lockers, Ray called Katherine over to unlock the device.

She did so, and Ray started pressing buttons in hopes of something grand.

A small Ding noise emitted form the Console, and the Toxic Goo started getting drained out of the sewers. Convinced that this was a good thing, Ray left the console alone and started opening the lockers.

The first was filled with medical supplies, and were behind a very simple lock.

While the other Locker had a more difficult lock, Ray managed to crack it easily.

Inside was a strange looking stimpack, it had a radioactive symbol on it and the Nuka-Cola label

While the chem confounded Marry Anne and Katherine, Pike was only too aware of what this was, A nuke life, a chem derived from mixing some of the most potent chems with Nuka-Cola and then dropping a nuclear bomb on it.

(A Costly Procedure, and in truth was the real reason for the nuclear wasteland, The Great War in truth was a fabrication made up by pharmaceutical companies attempting to create the perfect Chem for the Rich who wanted to live for ever)

Well, not really… Mystery behind the Rare Nuka-Cola Syringe is believed to be an accidental after effect of extreme Radiation from teh Great War and Nuka-Cola’s Quantum Extract.

The chem, while advertised to be able to return a man to life frim mere ashes of he remains be restructuring the remaining atoms, never was Tested on someone who was shot and killed by a nut shot with a radiation gun.

The Lack of Genitalia or Groin, and the scrambling effects of the Radiation Gun, mixed the effects of the Nuka Life, and brought back Tom as a Female, AKA Tammie

The total Effect took mere minutes, but left a lasting impression on the remaining party.

Using the Giegar Counter, Ray could intact tell the Tammie was highly radiated, and pumped her full of all the Rad Away they found.

The group headed back for town. Reaching the Sewer exit, Pike ventured first, only to find what remained of Conroy.

Ray had in fact Drained and Vaporised the Sewer contents, or in this case the Acidic Toxic Goo.

The Goo Vaporised into a Mist filling the town with a Acid Could capable of not only melting the flesh off humans, but also most other components, including Steel,Bone and plastics.

Pike Quickly returned into the sewers, his Combat Armor Mk2, severely damaged from brief exposure, then lead the party though the sewers to a hidden access area to the small bunker under his store. The basement had several of the for-mentioned Brotherhood crates and a large supply of food and water rations

“We will be safe in here…” Pike told them as he took them into his store.

A few others managed to get to pikes and survive the attack. many badly injured.

Unsure of the reason behind Pike’s store Surviving, eventually the survivors confronted pike asking him about the building.

Pike simply responded in kind saying a Brother must always take precautions in order to protect his stock.

Marry Anne Derived from the density of the toxic Mist that it would settle in 7 days time, and that the group would have to simply wait it out.

Meanwhile Tom/Tammie was extremely sick with Radiation Poisoning and Nuka-Cola Quantum Withdrawal.

Session 10 Xp

Rewarded to all players

Combat Xp: 2122

Quest XP:

Clearing the Zombie Threat: 500 xp
Post Apoc Genocide: 500 xp


+100 for volunteering to save the town
-300 for accidentally killing the entire town.

(guess next time you will train science skills before playing with potentially hazardous Computer Terminals)

MV-NPC Reward: NPC Advancement!

Winner: Katherine

Adventure Log Experiance: 1000xp (25-100%)

Session Loot:

Nuka-Life x 1 Consumed by Tom, turning him into Tammie
Radaway x 4 Consumed by Tammie, to reduce the effects of the extreme radiation

Stimpak x 6
Geiger Counter x 1
Rad-X x 1
Radiation Gun x 1
Combat Leather Jacket x 1
Leather jacket x 1
Metal Pipe x 1

Margaret MacFarlane Broke her Rifle with a crit miss.

Of Conroy’s 114 Citizens, only 11 Survived

Pike, Owner and operator of Pike’s Mart, Keeps calling you brothers and is hinted towards being a member of the brotherhood of steel.

Linda, Ex-Secretary to the Mayor, Believed to have had an affair with the mayor of conroy.

Nancy, Mayor’s Wife, Kind of a bitch, very controlling

Keith, Mayor’s Son, Snot nosed boy, very whiny

Ann, Orphaned Girl,_ Quite and has taken an odd liking to Danielle_

The Gecko Kid, Gambler from the 666 bar, full of attitude, often bites off more then he can chew

Ruby, Owner / Barkeep of the 666 bar, cold and cocky, apparently a lesbian? at least she seems to like Tom more now that he is Tammie

Brian, Ex Pit Fighter, Married to Judy, Very Gruff, seems to know a bit bout the wastes

Judy, Ex Caravan Runner, Married to Brian, Good with medical skills and healing.

Mary Anne, Strange Goggle Wearing girl, Apparently can see in the dark and uses a strange gun the makes people Spasm out. good with Science/Repair

Roy Rogers, Ghoul, Ex Country Singer, plays a mean guitar, and even though his voice is rasp can still carry a tune, apparently is really old.

Karmic Perks

Lucky Toe! Walking through toxic Goo without protection has its perks, like an extra toe! most think its pretty gross, but you come to think of it as lucky.
-1 Cha +1 Luck

WTF AWARD! by some strange twist of fate, and Mechanics you managed to create an effect totally unexplained. You were once a guy, and now your a girl. Girls are prettier than guys in general (I think we all agree on that)
+1 CHA

Session 9 Xp

Discovering What happened to the vault after you left: 500xp

Adventure log, 200xp

Bonus xp: 50xp (for my being late)

MVP Reward: “Patience” consumable Perk, (used once to give your token what ever sequence you want)

Adventure log May 23rd

After clearing the water treatment facility, we headed back to Conroy. first thing we did when we got there was speak with the mayor, we told him about the journal and uncle Buck. He listened to us and went on his way to tell the sheriff about it.

Once we arrived at the Sheriff’s office, he wasn’t too keen on believing our story, thinking we were dishonest because of the whole Allen story from before, still, with the help of Kimberly i managed to convice him that Allen wasn’t a raider, and he could trust us, he apologised and came along to meet uncle Buck.

Once in the streets in front of buck’s office, the sheriff did something a little stupid, he just called out Buck, whose response was ‘’ i’m not going down without a fight’’ and a fight there was, Buck seems like he had a lot of friend, we managed to get through them all pretty easily though with no casualty, although Buck did knock out the sheriff, we managed to bring him back.

Then something strange happened, in an effort to help the Sheriff, Steve ended up killing him, lucky i was there to run over and quicky give the man CPR, but the deed was done, Steve was in trouble, i didn’t manage to talk the sheriff out of bringing Steve into jail so, that’s where our old friend spent the night.

So, we went shopping a little, bought some guns and ammo as much as we could, then the next day we met up with Steve, whom also needed stuff repaired, he had a friend along with him, Kraunch, a tribal that seemed like he wanted some work and seeing as our next objective is to go after the bandits, we could use him. We had to wait for Steve’s stuff to get repaired, so we had to spent another night in town, Kimberly wanted to go drink and even though i tried to reason the group, tell them we shouldn’t, they didn’t listen and we all went to the bar… i don’t like it there.

Then the next day, a little hungover, we got on our way to the bandit’s camp, took us a few days to get there but when we arrived we found a large building, surrounded by around 50 tents, our friends had to be somewhere. We tried sneaking around before dawn, but then, out of nowhere, the sun came up magically and we were spotted by a few bandits, they opened on us.

Quickly, we dispatched most of them, although 2 did manage to escape into the main building, we tried to wait them out, nothing, so Steve decided to run in front of the door, open it, and take cover. Inside were a few bandits, Igor, a guy i could recognise from the Vault assault, some big old guy that seemed like the boss and Tommy, the son of a bitch from the vault that i always hated… he joined up with them.

That second fight didn’t go as well as the first one, taking down Igor was a rough task, and just when we though we were done, the boss-guy comes out, and he was tough… Boy i don’t know what he was on, but he made it hard on us. Although, after a while, we took his ass down. That’s when we saw, out of the back room, Barry, another asshole from the vault, come in, beaten to a pulp. I told him to surrender and he’d live, but Ray didn’t think so, he finished him. From behind him comes out Katherine(?), yelling at Barry’s dead body.

From what we gather, 10 of our old vault-mates were brought here, 7 died. We didn’t save them in time, our friends are dead, and this is all our fault.

RIP vault 53.

Session 8 Loot

Upon searching the raider base you find an assortment of loot.

Desert Wolf’s Stash:

700 caps
3 frag grenades
Electronic Lockpick
Guns and Bullets Book
Cats Paw Magazine x3
Necklace of Ears.

A Strange Metal Badge with a shape of an eagle on it, the Bottom half is melted.

Raider Supplies:
30 units of old world food
20 untis of strange meat
60 units of dirty water
3 First Aid kits
1 Doctor Bag
10 Jets

5 Raider Armors (8/10) Condition
3 Colt 6520 (Vault Issue)
4 Flares
Utility Jumpsuit (Vault Issue) x 5 (9/10) Condition

Looted from the Raider’s Corpses:

Raider Badlands Armor x 2 (6/10) Condition
Raider Armor x5 (4/10) Condition
Leather jacket x 1 (7/10) Condition
Ax x 2 (2/10) Condition
Shovel x 1 (1/10) Condition
M16A1 x 1 (4/10) Condition
M17-A Carbine x 1 (3/10) Condition
Pool Cue x 1 (7/10) Condition
Colt 6520 × 1 (4/10) Condition
Wooden Crossbow x 1 (2/10) Condition
H&K MP-5 × 2 (7/10) Condition
Desert Eagle x 1 (11/10) Condition (broken to shit, totally useless)
.357 Magnum Revolver x 1 (5/10) Condition

Session 8 Xp

Killing Buck +208 xp
QUEST: Clearing the water Treatment plant +1000xp
Killing all the raiders 375 xp
QUEST: Saving your fellow dwellers +1500 xp

Your Reputation with Conroy is now Idolized,
You can stay here fro free, and they will feed you when ever you come to town.

Most in the town recognise you as the Heroes of Conroy

Of all the dwellers you once knew… there are only 6 of you left…

Tom, Steve, Ray, Katherine, Danielle, Anne.

Of which Danielle, has gone mad after being raped for over a month by the raiders

Anne was lucky enough to keep hidden in the slave pens, and was not subjected to teh same torture as the others.

And Katherine seems a bit more jadded since you last met her. she is colder towards most aspects of the waste, apparent as she de-mans Barry in front of you and shoves his manhood into his own mouth simply stating “how do you like it you fucking pig!”

MVP Awwards: Raider Exterminator perk

After killing an entire band of raiders, you have gotten pretty decent at it, When shooting them, you Get a +10% crit chance!

Adventure Log Xp: 500 Xp 25%-100% based on content


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