Fallout - Vault 53

Experience for Session 1

Experience for Session 1:

655 xp

Experience for Rocking the Vault with Norman:

100 xp to Tom

Rocking the Vault:
Well you did it, in the first couple for sessions in this game you managed to have sex with another vault dweller. You don’t gain any major benefits for this perk, just 100 xp for your exploits and another notch on your pip boy. and hey at least you know everyone in the vault is clean… ish…

Fix the Water Purifiers, what could possibly go wrong?

After wading through a horde of Deathclaws, we finally made it to the Gun runners base, but I am getting ahead of myself..

Today was a day just like all of the others, I woke up in the room I share with Tom, and we headed to breakfast, where we met up with the rest of our team, Riley and Natasha. We ran into Bonnie in the hall, and she told us she was planning on throwing a party, but needed some booze. After breakfast, I went over and had a cup of coffee with Tommy and Myles, not exactly friends, but they hate me less then everyone else in the Vault. We found out from Katherine that Lee was hurt while repairing the water purification units in the reactor room, and we would probably be working there today. Tom and Riley went to talk to Lee to find out what happened to him, and discovered something attacked him. I stayed and talked with the Rats for a while before meeting up with the team for work.

We got to the first purifier and fixed it, twice, I accidentally pulled the wrong wires out. We went looking for the next machine, when we heard some scuffling coming from one of the air vents, and this giant, hideous bug came crawling out and attacked us. I was totally shocked, and went to hit it with my crowbar and slipped in some of its bile, and hit the floor. I got up and we eventually killed the creature, when we noticed other scurrying sounds coming from all around. At this point we decided to pull out our guns and after some hectic fighting, managed to defeat them and went back up to the main level, and brought a bug with us to show everybody what was found. Riley and I went straight to sickbay and Doc patched us up.

At this point, we all went around talking to people trying to get additional equipment and supplies to finish the job. I went to Ida, Doc and Jaime, and the best I came up with was 3 stimpacks from Doc. Meanwhile Tom was running around like a chicken with his head cut off, talking to everyone from the Overseer to Norman, and he managed to work out a deal where Norman worked on his rifle and Katherine gave him a handgun and some ammo.

We went back to work, and found a giant cockroach bigger than me! All four of us concentrated fire on it, while it spat venom at us and two other radroaches kept poking us with their pinchers. The battle was fast but furious, and after our foes were defeated we fixed all of the purifiers, and closed up the hole in the air vent they came from.

Tom went to Keith to procure some alcohol, but Keith just laughed in his face! Then Natasha sauntered over and managed to convince Keith to hand over some of his Bathtup Mint Juleps. Thus supplied, Bonnie was able to throw her party, and all was going well until the Rats started a fight with Lee…

Experience For Session 2

Experience for Session 2:

350 xp

Experience for Vault Survivor:

400 xp to each player

Vault Survivor:

You live in the Vault.. and your survived getting out and avoiding the Raider onslaught… to bad about the rest of the vault dwellers. At least you tried to help. one might say if you had a few more stim packs and a bit more ammo you would have succeeded.

+40 karma for helping the dwellers and stopping the bar fight.

Also, leaving the Vault you are able to make certain adjustments to your characters. Please read the following links, for key information on certain aspects of this game.

Advice from the Overseer

Bonus Xp and You

Potential Adventure log XP 150

8 Portions of Rat meat

What a hell of a day
Pipboy Journal Entry 041213

So I’ve just got to record THIS fucking day on here. First off, I’m in my room reading my Scout’s Handbook minding my own business… and then there was a loud noise just outside the rooms in the dorm area… apparently not only was there a party going on, but it had gotten out of hand. It was turning into an outright brawl quickly, with punches thrown, people hit over the head with wrenches, a lot of shouting, and even a gun drawn. Instead of hiding in my room and minding my own damn business, my medic training kicked in a little and I felt like I needed to rush to the aid of Lee who got knocked unconcious in the fight. About the time I got there, the fight was breaking up. I tried to help and doc dragged him away. Those fools felt like it was a good idea to keep partying, but I had had enough and went back to my room and tried to get some sleep.

In the morning, the Overseer all of a sudden wants to see me. This usually isn’t good, but I go along. Maybe I’m being rewarded for my heroic actions to try to help Lee. Yeah, right.

So I go to his office and see a few others already waiting… people who were involved in the fight. This isn’t looking good. The overseer chastises them for their part in the fight, even though I’m pretty sure they were just trying to stop it… he’s such an ass. I ask why the hell I’m being lumped in with these guys and don’t really get a clear answer. I figure he just hates me for something I probably did years ago and he holds a grudge.. heard I was there… and used any excuse to put me to work. Which is exactly what he did, sending me and the other 4 guys down to the boiler room for the worst possible kind of repair work ever. It sucks down there. And I suck at repairing things, so eventually they just tell me to “stand guard”. Not really sure what I’m guarding from, but one of them mentions some big bug thing they saw before. Whatever.

So, then the day turns from bad to horrifficly violent and life-alteringly devastating. We all hear some huge explosion, and rush back up to the main area as quick as we can. Which isn’t very quick due to the elevator being out, but I’m familiar enough with the ladder route and lead the way up. We hear gunshots and the lights have gone out, we rush to find out what’s going on and Katherine tells us to go see the Overseer. So we rush in there, and of course he tries to blame US for whatever the hell is going on up here. He sure does hate us. Fortunately Tom works his gay charms and convinces the overseer its not our fault, and he’s apparently scared the piss out of himself and lets us into his personal arsenal in his office to defend the place. Now I’m not the best with a gun, but it sure as hell beats the wrench I had up to that point.

So we load up and go try to find Katherine again and see what’s going on. And we start to find dead and unconcious vault mates all over. Not that I had any close friends, but it changes a man seeing someone dead you’ve known your whole life. But, I thought, we might just all be dead in moments, either from whatever is shooting at these guys or the radiation outside… these intruders could have only gotten in one way…. and that was just a dreadful thought.

But, adrenaline pumping, we rush forward to see how we can help. As I get near the fighting, I hear some nasty voice talking to my right about how he’s about to rape some innocent women, or so it seems. Do I join the fight in the main room or save the women? Shit. I ran towards the voices and got shot at for the trouble. I exchanged a couple shots with them, but really it was Natasha who fortunately followed me that did the real damage. We took out two raiders and one of the girls took out a third. The other girl didn’t make it… but I guess on the bright side, she didn’t get raped first. Not that I want to think of what might happen to them now, after we left.

That’s right, we just up and left after that. Two of the repair crew I was assigned to were down and unconcious, and we never did find Riley… and as the lights went out again Natasha and I dragged them OUT OF THE VAULT… crazy right? We couldn’t even make a pit stop in the med bay to fix them up as the place was crawling with these raiders. We were fortunate to escape with our lives, and barely did. Everyone I ever knew was in that vault. And only 3 left with me. If there is any greater being up there, I pray that more made it out… because it seems surprisingly “safe” out here so far, with no radiation alarms going off… and with the numbers and firepower those raiders had, I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to return to the vault.

Once outside, we do our best to patch each other up and manage to bring the unconcious duo back so they could stand and walk on their own. We haven’t made it very far yet, but at least we found dinner… these 4 creatures I can best describe as huge rats… we clubbed them to death with whatever we had. We’re going to need even more food, some water, and some medical supplies if we’re going to live out here. That scout’s handbook will be handy…

I’ve always dreamed about being able to explore outside the vault. Now my dream has come true, but it sure does feel like a nightmare.

Potential XP rewards

Adventure Log: 200 XP (50-100% based on writing and effort)

Sessions MVP Steve: 200 XP

For keeping the group alive with use of Outdoorsman skill

Putting the Scout Handbook to use
Pipboy Journal Entry 041813

Pipboy Journal Entry 041813

Well, after a few days out in the wasteland as it’s called, time to write another entry.

We left the area of the vault carefully, a couple of us badly injured. As we got to the exit of the cavern we were in, we saw the brightest light I’ve ever seen… sunlight. The vids don’t do it justice, even though the land itself isn’t the best looking after the radiation and whatnot, the beauty of seeing the sky and the sun and the clouds for the first time sure was a breathtaking experiance.

But, badly injured and with only a few chunks of rat meat for sustenence, we had to go explore the world. And not but a few feet away from the entrance was an enticing looking shed… with these very strange child-size gekkos in front of it. So we approached the shed, trying to get in, and the gekko things apparently don’t like that and come at us. We dispatch them, further depleting our supply of ammo… and try to get in the shed. But it’s locked. Ray fiddles with the lock for a minute but doesn’t do much good… I break out the crowbar he gave me and knock the door right open on the first good tug.

In the shed, we found a couple stimpacks, which we immediately use on our most injured… myself included. We also find a lighter, a med kit, and a book on medicine. And 200 bottle caps, which we later find out is the currency of the land now… I wonder how many millions of these things got thrown away over the years before…

Continuing on, we then run into a pack of rabid dogs. We try to distract them with some of the meat I was able to gather from the creatures we had to defeat so far, but it only worked for a moment. I felt a little bad killing dogs, and broke my gun for trying. And got hit on the head with two anvils. Apparently fate does not want me to kill dogs. We eventually defeat the dogs, I harvest some dog meat, and we move on.

At this point, gracefully, this trusty Pipboy beeped, signalling a source of power to the east. We needed some direction to travel, so this was as good as any and a promising sign of perhaps some sort of civilization out here? If there are raiders and other life out here, maybe there is something better… Here is where that Scout’s Handbook came in handy. I’m not sure if we’d have made it without me to guide them. I read and re-read that scout’s handbook so many times it eventually fell apart. But I know how to get meat from dead animals, how to forage for food and water, and how to travel in the wilderness… so it sure did do it’s job.

After travelling for a while, we come across another person… who happens to be a trader with supplies we desperately need. He also had this weird dog who seemed to be half machine. Clearly all dogs aren’t like this… as we just had to fight some. But this one seemed friendly…. and uh… very … resiliant — the trader shot him with a shotgun to both show us the shotgun, and probably to show us not to mess with him…. if that gun did nothing to the dog, we wouldn’t likely do anything to hurt it either.

Anyway, the trader apparently collected vault things, which seemed a little fortunate to us. Maybe it seemed a bit good to be true, but we didn’t have a lot of choices at the time. We had broken 2 guns fighting the dogs, and needed supplies and ammo. He may have ripped us off pretty badly, but we don’t know what things are worth yet and as I said… our only option. He let us know where some nearby towns were and that was helpful. Maybe we’ll see him again sometime. The only friendly face we’ve seen so far… except for kind of this meat vendor in Conroy….

So yeah, we get to Conroy and immediately see this guy selling meat. We’ve got plenty of our own so we don’t need any of his right now… but he says he’ll give us 200 caps and some meat if we go clear out gekkos from the next building over. We figure that we’ll need more of these caps in town for supplies and take his job. We open the door to find SEVEN gekkos in there, two of them this special gold kind that took a lot more shots to bring down. I wonder how many caps worth of ammo we had to spend to make the 200…. oh well. Natasha was knocked out by the gekkos for a minute, but Tom fixed her up and we finished clearing out the area by smashing some giant cockroaches. Also found some drug in one of the bathrooms… Jet… maybe doc knows what Jet does.

So anyway, we just got back to Dave the meat vendor and collected our reward. We just finished eating a great meal and he’s going to put us up for the night he says. What a friendly guy…

Session 4 XP rewards

MVP: 200 xp

Adventure Log: 150-300xp

+100 karma for saving Hanna, and helping Allen out of jail.
+50 karma for burying Hanna’s mum

Karmic Perk: Shit Shoveler

Not sure why you would want to. but here have a perk. and 2 xp for picking up poop instead of killing stuff.

Session 5

We were at the raider base, We decided to try the quiet way in and sent Ray along with our new buddy Allen to clear the sentry, Allan was a little noisy but they still managed to take him out quietly. Sadly, as we were getting into position around the door, some other guy in there opened the door and then a fight broke out. there were many of them in there and we were all cramped around the small door but lucky for us, Allen was going around stabbing people like a psycho and the fight started in our favor. it didn’t stay that way for long though, we entered the compound and even though Allen seemed to be doing his best to soak the damage for us, Hanna was hit with 2 shotgun blasts to the face and died.

The raider lady whipped out a uzi and the bullets started flying. Allen went Down, I went out and ray even got knocked out for a second, the fight was not going well anymore.

But, through a lot of bullets and a bit of luck, we managed to fend off all the raiders. Natasha got killed in the process but a freshly awake Allen and the town’s doctor managed to bring her back to life. although we now owe said doctor 200 caps.

From the things we found in the compound, we have managed to pinpoint the next place they were gonna hit, some place called Mcfarlane’s ranch.

We all got geared up, buried Hanna with her mother and spent the rest of the day fixing ourselves up and waiting for people’s gear to get repaired.

The next day, the mayor wanted to see us and told us about a water purification plant that is under raider occupation. He wants us to liberate it. we note that and decide to head towards the ranch that will soon come under attack.

On our way there, we encounter a strange man wearing a weird, metal armor. he talks to us and tells us he’s been following us for a while, he even talked about Hanna and such, he went on a little monologue before telling us he judged us to die. Natasha got him staggered with a beautiful burst of her new UZI and i claimed the glory by finishing the guy with my shiny new rifle. turns out his stuff just doesn’t seem right, it’s definitely meant to look like metal but it’s definitely plastic, who’s that brotherhood he’s been talking about?
what’s going on at the farm?

Session 5 XP rewards

Adventure log, 300Xp, (50-100%)

MVP 300 XP Kurt

Karmic Perk: Unanimous MVP!

Everyone voted for you! good job, This karmic perk is only awarded once to the first player to get a Unanimous vote, and gives 500 bonus XP!

If that wasn’t enough, you can also use this perk to totally negate a single attack on your character!

Session 6

After killing the strange man in the even stranger armor, we set back up our camp. While we were sleaping, Tom was attacked by a gian scorpion. We all woke up and poured fire into the cutting it to pieces.
Tom didn’t look too good, so we headed straight to the ranch. Tom was looking pretty bad by the time we got to the door, and were greeted by a Man and his dog. Tom asked for help, and Johnathan sent him into the house for his wife to look at him.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the rest of us stayed outside and told Johnathan about the raiders’ that are coming here, and offered our help. Without knowing when the raiders would show up, we helped around the ranch. On the third day, the raiders finally showed up.
We sent the women upstairs to fire their rifles (atleast Johnathan told us they had rifles) and the rest of us took up position by the windows and doors on the first floor. Tom started the fight with a couple well aimed shots with his new rifle, and the rest of us opened up with our pistols.
Steve and I concentrated on the same raider, and I shot him in the face blinding him with blood and bits of cheek.

The raiders kept coming and we kept pooring bullets into them, although they just don’t seem to be as effective as they should be. We were holding them at bay on our end, but then they started pouring in from the other door. Tom retreated to the kitchen tables and Allen charged right at the raiders.
Meanwhile, Mad Max the dog went flying out the door and started chewing on some raider chew toys. The raiders on our side made it up to the door, and started forceing their way in. One raider stood right at the window in front of me, and I unloaded both barrels at him, but only hit once.

Now the raiders were in on our side, and Bloody Mary stepped around Natasha and stuck here with a cattle prod, and Natasha went down. We traded shots for a bit, but Bloody Mary kept stabbing me and the next thing I remember is …Beth and Kimberly standing over me tending to my wounds.

As I come around I find out that we have won!


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