Advice from the Overseer

Before you leave the vault, you find a hidden message within your Pipboy.

It seems to be a final message from your Overseer.

To my fellow Vault Dwellers, It seems it has finally come, the day where we are to leave this vault and head off into the unknown. Before you leave I wish to impart some of my own knowledge to you so that your life on the out side may serve you well.

Stay Vigilant to your beliefs, but do not alienate your self from those in the wastes, your ability to talk to others and their opinions of you will always be a factor. perhaps practice speaking in front of a mirror, you never know when you might have to convince someone of your intent.

Keep prepared, keep well in supply of food, water and ammunitions, while new trinkets may be appealing, survival is based on the basics. so keep well stocked and your gear in good repair.

While in the vault you had attendants to look after your injuries, on the outside that may not always be so, so try and at least pick up the basics of first aid skills. you never know when you may require healing, or be forced into a situation where you may need to help a friend.

Allot to do with survival is based on your luck, an unlucky man or woman will find them selves running out of supplies faster then someone with a bit of the stuff.

I know it is not much, but perhaps it is enough for you to rethink your life in the vault. perhaps making the changes necessary to survive outside…

Upon exiting the vault door, you are given the one time chance to rethink your creation choices,you can change your character in any way. (Description, Sex, SPECIAL, TAGS, TRAITS, Skill Point Allotment)

gear, karmic perks, and choices made within the vault will remain the same, so your experience values will not change.

Advice from the Overseer

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