Overseer's Public Log

Overseer’s Public Log


Log Entry 1, October 10, 2077:

Welcome to your new home, Vault 53… Despite the ongoing war above us and the threat of nuculear fallout I Ducan your Vault Overseer hope that we can spend the next ten to twenty years in relative peace. Every Month I will be posting here on the Public log to discus recent events here in the Vault

Log Entry 97, November, 2085:

I wish to publicly thank everyone involved in repairing the damaged hydro Processor unit, while this is not an essential system to our survival down here, long term use without the device would slowly deteriorate our water supply causing undue health concerns.

Log Entry 117, July, 2087:

Yet another disaster was averted today as our main power generator went offline, it seems as there was a bad relay that cause the shortage, we can all give thanks to our science division for their quick response

Log Entry 119, September, 2087:

I ask that everyone try and remember our stay here is short term, and that harsh actions like that of Mr.Gibbs should not be taken. Suicide is never an appropriate action… next month will be our 10 year mark, and if initial calculations are correct the threat of nuclear radiation will have surpassed by now.

Log Entry 120, October, 2087:

It seems that initial science readings were wrong, as surface sensors indicate an abnormally high amount of radiation. While some members of our vault feel that this could be yet another malfunction, I will not risk the entire population to that chance.. Stay vigilant with your work to keep the systems in our home operational and I promise we will get through this.

Log Entry 142, August, 2089:

Today I must regrettably inform you that A-Wing has been sealed off, for some unknown reason the security doors closed sealing away nearly 241 of our close friends, may god help them…

Log Entry 189, July, 2093:

Please be patient as work is under way to fix the heating systems, be advised to use your auxiliary blankets and wear at least two of your standard issue vault suits to prevent thermal loss.

Log Entry 190, August, 2093:

The repairs on the heating system is nearly complete, if you find your self in discomfort, consider taking a hot shower, as power has now been restored to our water heating systems. I wish to thank your newly formed Vault maintenance team for their efforts…

Log Entry 322, August, 2104:

Due to recent events, I have instructed our maintenance coordinator to disable the servos to all vault security doors. while I know this may cause concern about privacy within the vault. We cannot afford another incident. As you all know two days ago, the servos started acting up, sealing many rooms within the vault, while no key systems were sealed off, we are now cut off from a large supply of our maintenance equipment and spare parts. my heart goes out to those who are trapped within sealed areas of the vault. I only wish I took this action earlier…

Log Entry 380, June, 2109:

Due to constant equipment failure I have ordered the reconstruction of the vault classroom into a repair station for larger equipment. While this is taking place the main entry hanger by the auxiliary medical station will be converted into a learning station for our youth.

Log Entry 441, July, 2114:

I hope anyone who is reading this on the residential level is alive and well, down here we hope you all can hold out until we are ably to get the lift operational once more. once this situation is resolved I will be ordering everyone to move to the main level, after the last two incidents with we cannot afford any more losses.

Log Entry 443, September, 2114:

I know it is crowded living in the storage wing of the vault, the newly retrofitted storage rooms, while lacking certain amenities of your housing units will provide you all with ample room to hot bunk with fellow dwellers.

An intimacy room will be designated for social encounters for your privacy.

Log Entry 577, November, 2125:

I wish to publicly thank everyone for their efforts in celebrating my ninetieth birthday. 49 years ago when the first generation moved into the vault, I never dreamed we would still be here, tough our numbers have dwindled we are still ever strong. without your constant efforts this vault would have fallen into ruin many years ago…

Log Entry 600, October, 2127:

Here marks the 50th anniversary of our vault and the great war that placed us here, our surface sensors are still showing above acceptable ranges of radiation. I do not feel I will be able to be your overseer for another generation so I will be looking at applications for my replacement in the coming months, I thank you all for your support through the years…

Log Entry 621, July, 2129:

Many key systems failed today, including life support and ventilation to the residential wing, I am glad we all moved down to the main level now, often as overseer you are faced with tough decisions that can often put stress on the lives of the dwellers, I hope that your next overseer is prepared for that.

Keep vigilant in your work to keep our systems running, eventually you will get the green light and be amidst the world once more…

Log Entry 642, November, 2130:

In 6 months time I will be stepping down from my chair as overseer, and reveal my decision to the vault of my successor. until that time security detail will man the Vault door to prevent any other attempts to breech it to the outside.

I feel I must remind you all that the sensors indicated radiation levels are fatal within a few days of exposure, and that opening the vault doors at this time would kill us all….

Carlos Gosland, was shot down today in the defence of the vault, while performing maintenance on the door, he activated the emergency evacuation protocol. Luckily for us all Travis was at the ready and put the man down before he could Finnish the procedure.

Overseer's Public Log

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