Fallout - Vault 53

Nazi Origins

Prior to the great war, scholars often studied the ways of old to determine the best course of strategy, it was from one young military scientist that the Nazi origins originated.

Albert Zweistein, A German American citizen used his vast knowledge of cybernetics to create humanoid replica’s of leaders of old. From the previous american presidents to, all leaders who had ever posed a threat to america.

While his project was eventually terminated by the government, Albert continued his studies under the front of The National War Museum, using his prototypes from the military project as attractions.

“Learn the art of war from the worlds greatest generals and leaders!” was their impromptu slogan. yet it was effective, the Museum was a big hit in the years prior to the great war, and was often visited by military generals seeking insight into the potential tactics of the enemy.

Of course in order to keep complete control of his creations Albert installed safeguards each robot to keep it from harming humans or other robots.

When the bombs fell, Albert Zweistein with many others sought shelter in the one of the many imitation war bunkers within the Museum, stocked with provisions in-order to sustain a small population for 50 years.

The bombs has a unique effect on the prototype cyborgs above, through the combination of the EMP blast, and radiation interacting with the artificial brain of the cyborgs, their safeguards were reset and a miniature war broke out on the surface. Factions aligned and fought for superiority.

of these factions one came out on top, lead by one man who in history was known as one of the most cunning and charismatic political leaders of all time.

Der F├╝hrer Adolf Hitler.

Adolf, used his charismatic means to align the more powerful of the factions to his cause, using them as tools to wipe out the other factions one by one. then slowly alienated group by group until the only faction to survive was his own.

Adolf set the Museum as his new base of operations, using the ingenious minds of replicated scientific minds, Adolf adapted the tech of Albert Zweistein, manage the slow painful process of rebuilding his army.

A process that would have taken hundreds of years if not for the sudden appearance of the hundreds of humans emerging from the bunkers below.

Some bunkers provided better protection against the radiation then others. A population of Ghouls and Humans emerged into the hands of a handful of well equipped cyborgs. Facing starvation and death, Adolf started a recruitment process, selecting the best stock for breeding, and keeping those of note as scientific officers, and the remaining stock as slaves.

Over the next 23 years Adolf, with the aid of Albert Zweistein worked to recreate the the facilities of the Museum, Adolf had an obsession with perfecting the process so that a new order of perfect soldiers would one day control the world and shape the sands of the wasteland into a world worthy of them.

Session 17 EXP.

Adventure Log: 10,000 Xp

MVP Award: Overheated: You can choose the have your energy weapons in an overheated state, The process takes more power, (2 cells per shot) but does an additional 15 points of damage (per shot)

Using this perk takes 30 minutes to modify your weapon.


10,000 Xp

Session 16 xp

Adventure Log: 15,000 Xp

(be prepared to not get all this… basically you have to embellish on the battle and your player’s experienced and write more content then you experienced to receive the full amount)

MVP: Carl

Who chose the Inglorious Bastard Perk instead of of pure level.


with out drawing this out any more…

Inglorious Bastard Perk: When fighting any kind of Nazi that is not a General or Boss, you deal and extra 25 Bonus Dmg!!!!

The Brotherhood Mobile Base

After radioing back to the brotherhood camp you are instructed to head to a set quadrant to meed up with your fellow brothers.

The location is off the road quite a ways and is a rough ride to initially get there.

Upon arrival you find multiple large tent like buildings as well as a fully mobilised brotherhood.

Also to your surprise you find Pike and his robot comrade along with them, offering his wares at brotherhood rates but only trading for caps.

“Cats out of the bag now, eh brothers… I suppose i should explain me initial deception. I was tasked with searching the wastes of men and women of note, and to help aid them into beacons for other wast landers to follow. What ever caps i Made i was to redistribute to towns to help protect themselves. but alas the brotherhood name carries a weighted past, and as such We could not aid the waste landers openly.” Pike says to you with a smile.

“I am sorry my prices were set high to help distribute power from the strong to the weak, as you can Imagen the consequences were you not as friendly as you were. a group such as yours could have been a terror to the wastes.”

Pike’s store prices have changed based on your current rank. he also has 2 million caps he has been hoarding should you need to lighten your load.

Repairing the APC costs you 6000 caps to fully restore it to prime condition, upgrading said vehicle costs additional caps as well.

Session 15 xp


5000 xp


Warp ability, (energy guns) deals 3d6 dmg, and successful hit incapacitates an enemy for 2d4 rounds

Adventure Log, up to 5000 xp

Knight Rank: 10,000 Brotherhood credits for w/e equipment you want

The Return to Volvo

Upon Returning to Volvo, The party is greeted with a thick plume of smoke. The battlements have been badly damaged and the Guards have lessened in number, Outside two brotherhood paladins stand stationed at the gate and greet you in passing.

“Looks like those bastards struck faster then we expected…” one of the paladins day as you walk forward.

Morgan greets you as you arrive. “them brotherhood boys sure pack a punch, I only wish there was more of them here when we were attacked. Seems some of those Nazi bastards decided to attempt to take the city by force shortly after you left. We sealed the doors and attempted to fight them off, but under the siege we were out numbered and losing.”

Morgan says as he itches at one of his new scares. “Your Brotherhood friends showed up after a bit, in some sort of flying contraption and by golly jumped down and started defending the gates. the enemy retreated and they stationed a few fellas here to make sure we held out ok.”

Session 14 Xp

Adventure Log: 5000 xp

Brahmin Lord, Perk, when riding a Brahmin you do 5x dmg… now you just gotta find one to ride…


5000 xp

Session 13 MVP

Split vote for David and Carl, so you both win!

But the effectiveness of both the perk and the xp is halved.

+5 Dmg when shooting form a vehicle


1500 XP

Session 13

Adventure Log: 1500 xp


Karmic Perk

Road Rage:
+10 dmg while shooting from a vehicle? wtf? why so serious?


3000 xp

Hard choices!!

Session 12

Adventure Log Xp 1500

MVP: Reward Split Vote

Katherine seems more experianced

Karmic Perk: NUKA Fanatic (everybody loves nuka cola!),
When you sre under the effects of Nuka cola you gain twice the AP bonus.


1000 xp


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