Poison Damage

If a character comes into contact with a poisonous object, such as a poison dart or a scorpion’s tail, their Poison Resistance statistic will reduce their damage.

Poison, in all cases, is delivered in an amount of doses which are cleared from the system at a rate of 1 Dose per Round, with damage for every dose.

Poison Resistance will block a certain amount of poison.

For example if a character’s PR is 35% and they are delivered 9 doses of poison, only 6 will be absorbed.

Poison Types and Effects

Type A - The most common kind of poison, type A is a mild infection often carried in the bite of some kinds of animals.

Causes 1 HP of damage per round (roll Endurance for no damage).

Type B - A distilled version of the Type A poison, this irritant is used by tribals for hunting small game. In mass quantities, it could make a person very sick.

Causes 2 HP of damage per hour (roll Endurance for no damage).

Type C - Type C poison causes severe abdominal cramps and sickness, incapacitating the victim for 2d10 hours minus EN. During this time the character’s Strength, Perception, Agility and Endurance are reduced to 2 for 12 hours.

Type D - This is a often found in the sting of a radscorpion, it can easily kill the unprepared adventurer. A refined version of this poison is used to make Antidote.

Causes 4 HP of damage per Hour (roll Endurance for half damage).

Type E - Distilled radscorpion venom, used for hunting bigger game. Causes 5 HP of damage per Hour (roll Endurance for half).

Type F - Very rarely will an animal have a poison this bad, but it does happen. Certain spiders and snakes were known to have a venom like this before the War, and it is likely that someone out there has it now, either naturally or chemically. Type F poison causes the victim to go into shock about 1 hour after contact, and they slip into a coma for 1d10 days.

For each day the character spends in a coma and goes untreated by a doctor or an antidote, that character must successfully roll against Endurance or die.

Type G - The worst kind of poison.

These are generally only made in laboratories, although there may be some species out there that carry them. Causes death 5 minutes after exposure, unless Antidote is administered.


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